What should I do if the refrigerator is getting hard to open? Don't worry about Hanmas to help.

Hanmas Furniture News Express refrigerator is an essential electrical appliance in the home. People often use it all the year round. However, with the increase of the frequency of use and the increase of the service life, the refrigerator failure is inevitable and there is a failure. The first reaction is that it should be repaired, but find someone to use the advantages of large materials and small expenses to spend money, repair their own ... Since this is not so fast to learn how to repair the refrigerator?


Structural gap adjustment

The gap between the refrigerator door and the door and the top table should be based on the correct position of the lower door. The left and right positions of the middle hinge are adjusted. After the door and the door are even, the gap between the door and the top is not uniform, and the gasket can be passed through. Method to adjust the height of the top and bottom of the table.

If the contact between the lower door and the middle frame is too small and there is a gap, then the opening pad can be added to the lower hinge to increase the position of the lower door. If the upper hinge is fixed, the middle hinge fixing hole can be adjusted up and down.

The gap between the door seal and the box body is mainly the deformation of the door seal strip, and the concave portion can be deformed by the hair dryer to restore the original shape and eliminate the gap. Still pay attention to the power of the hair dryer can not be too large, the hot spot can not be too concentrated, the air outlet can not be too close to the strip, otherwise the strip is damaged. In addition, a thin sponge is placed under the rubber strip depression to eliminate the gap.

When the door is fastened and the light switch is tight, the door will produce a sound; if the door is too close to the cabinet or the door seal is too thick, the door will be rolled over the door seal. In the above case, a small amount of Vaseline can be applied. In addition, after the refrigerator is used for a period of time, due to the offset of the position of the door, a bright light will be generated. At this time, 30l glue can be used to extend the length of the light switch to ensure that the door light is turned off.


Winter door seal condensation

The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator door is very large, and the surrounding iron plates act as a cold bridge. In the case of high temperature in summer and large temperature difference, the door door seal is easy to condense around, especially in the middle frame between the two doors. The part is not well ventilated, and the temperature of the middle frame is low, so condensation is more likely to occur. This kind of situation is a normal phenomenon. When the temperature is high and the humidity is over, this phenomenon will disappear automatically. If it is too serious, the following methods can be used to improve the condensing line. The condenser is modified by the condenser and then passed through the anti-dew tube to improve the temperature of the anti-dew tube and reduce the condensation. (This method is suitable for systems where the dew prevention pipe is a separate pipe)

The refrigerator is hard to open

The troubles of opening the door are mostly caused in the summer or the rainy season. This is because there are irregular small holes in the contact surface between the door and the door seal. The humid air enters the pores to form condensation. When the door is closed, the condensation will discharge the air in the pores. The formation of negative pressure, combined with the magnetic force of the door seal and the pollution relay, produces a mixed suction, so it feels laborious when opening the door. The method of elimination is to remove the gel seal regularly and maintain good elasticity and smoothness. The gel can be wiped off and a little talcum powder can be applied to remove it.

The above is the information about the hard work of the refrigerator door. If you want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Hanmasi furniture.

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