Michigan State University Designs Low Energy Nanopower Generator

Researchers at Michigan State University in the United States have designed a low-energy nanopower generator that converts the force of a person's sliding and pressing the screen into electricity.

In the lab, they successfully used this device to drive an LCD touch screen, a set of LED bulbs, and a folding keyboard.

An assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, Nelson Sepulveda, who is in charge of the study, published an article in the journal Nano Energy, saying that the device is made of silicon wafers and divided into multiple layers that generate electricity when pressed. It is light weight, collapsible, biocompatible, scalable, and can be used in wireless helmets, cell phones, and other touch screen products.

Its introduction means that humans have taken a step closer to the wearable device powered by action. (Jing Jing)

carbide Twist drill  are the most common type of drill bit and are used for everyday drilling in all types of material. They are also the most confusing due to the sheer number of size, tip, and material specifications. 
hese are the most common Twist Drills and are a good compromise between length and strength

The range of high-precision solid Carbide Drills makes OPT one of the world's leading tool manufacturers. OPT high performance drills are available with or without internal cooling. They are delivered with modern 

coatings (including diamond coatings) which are adjusted to each material, which results in vast tool lives. By means of their optimization for various purposes, the drills build a product range which enables economic drilling for a broad spectrum of applications. 

Solid carbide drills by OPT are designed especially for metalworking of steel, stainless steel, hardened steel < 70 HRC, titanium, inconel, aluminum and GRP/CRP. All solid carbide drills with diameters up to 3 mm and drill depths from 8 x D are provided with a polished flute as well. 

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