Don't look at the hardware accessories, the gadgets have a big effect.

Don't look at the hardware accessories. In fact, the most problematic is still here. Although most owners are buying furniture and building materials, it is easy to ignore these problems, thinking that the price will not be too expensive, there will be no concern. But in fact, small hardware accessories are the most likely to affect our quality of life!

Hardware Accessories

Hardware Accessories

The most inconspicuous parts of the hardware in the renovation project, but the most promising materials or products. On the one hand, the current hardware products on the market are so diverse that people are dazzled and their hearts are not solid. On the other hand, because the decoration hardware is mostly low-value products, people generally only pay attention to the price, and rarely study its quality. It is believed that the hardware will not cause big problems and the budget will not be sufficient. Let's take a look at how to choose hardware accessories!

1, hinge

The hinge material is copper and stainless steel. The standard single-sided hinge area is 250px×75px and 250px×100px, the diameter of the middle shaft is between 27.5px and 32.5px, and the wall thickness of the hinge is 2.5mm to 3mm. For easy opening and no noise when selecting the hinge, it should be selected. It is preferable to include a ball bearing in the shaft of the page.

2, the hinge

The hinge is divided into two types: detachable type and non-detachable type. In addition to the smooth and smooth surface, the hinge should pay attention to the resetting performance of the hinge spring. The hinge can be opened at 95 degrees. Press the hinges on both sides to check whether the supporting spring piece is pressed. The deformation is broken and it is very strong for quality qualified products.

3, handle lock

The lock of the switch, the decoration and the handle of the three-in-one function become the new favorite of the home lock. According to the material, it can be divided into space aluminum, stainless steel, copper die-casting, and zinc alloy. The space aluminum and stainless steel handle locks are bright and lustrous, soft to the touch, and difficult to fade and rust. The die-casting copper handle lock is relatively thick and moderately priced, while some of the inferior zinc alloy handle locks are easier to break when used.

4, handle

Handle materials are zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, etc. In order to match the various styles of furniture, the shape and color of the handle are varied and colorful. The handles of electroplating and electrostatic painting have wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects. In addition to matching with the decoration style of the room, they should also be able to withstand large pulling forces. Generally, the handles should be able to withstand more than 6 kg of pulling force.

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