Only balanced water heaters can be installed in the bathroom

Recently, with the cold air gradually “accepted”, the carbon monoxide poisoning accident has become an invisible bomb that plagues the safe life of winter citizens. In order to prevent such tragedies, the Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau gives everyone a trick.

Gas water heater tips

1 Only balanced water heaters can be installed in the bathroom. It is strictly forbidden to install in-line, flue gas water heaters in the bathroom.

2 The life of natural gas water heaters and liquefied petroleum gas water heaters is 8 years, and should be replaced in time.

3 In order to protect the gas safety of gas users in Shenzhen, prevent unqualified and counterfeit and shoddy products from entering the market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of gas manufacturers, the Municipal Gas Industry Association has organized the implementation of catalogue management of gas appliances in the form of self-discipline. For those who want to enter the "Shenzhen Gas Burning Appliance Product Sales Catalogue" (hereinafter referred to as "Sales Catalog"), the distributor shall provide the gas appliance production license, gas source adaptability test qualification report, and burning appliance to the municipal gas industry association. Product inspection report, "Gas Combustion Apparatus Installation and Maintenance Enterprise Qualification Certificate" and other documents inspection products are qualified, and all provide perfect installation and maintenance and after-sales service in Shenzhen.

The public can pay attention to the "Ph. Gas" public number. In the "Installation and Maintenance" section of the custom menu, you can immediately check the list of all appliance manufacturers and the list of sales brands.

4 Regularly liquefied petroleum gas supplied by the regulated LPG company should be selected at all times. Please call the City Housing Construction Bureau to announce the unified air supply telephone of the legal bottled gas enterprise (also in the "I want to use gas" in the custom menu of the "Mr. Gas Doctor" public account), or to the uniform label marked with bottled gas. The supply site buys bottled gas. At the same time, the public should cooperate with the gas-using enterprises to conduct household security inspections on the user's gas facilities and safe gas use once a year, and timely correct the hidden dangers found in the inspection.

5 The “Implementation Measures for the Issuance of Gas Source Adaptability Marks for Combustion Apparatus in Shenzhen” was re-released in May this year. The newly issued method has increased the issuance regulations for the gas source adaptive label of LPG combustion appliances, and purchased safe gas for the public. The water heater provides an identification mark. The implementation of the gas source adaptation mark has played a positive role in promoting the safety of the society and environmental protection, and has also enhanced the public's awareness of the purchase of safe gas appliance brands.

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1.Application : For printer and copier machine
2.Dimension: Customized dimension, OEM & ODM
3.Material: A6063, A6061, A3003 and other series alu alloy        
4.Suface treatment: Anodizing, polishing, turning ,power coating, mill finish etc
5.Equipment: CNC ,extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straightening machine, cutting machine  


OD Tolerance































6. STANDARD PACKING:Wooden case/carton

7. Trade Terms
1. Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance pay before delivery.  L/C at sight.
2. Delivery time: 20 days after deposit receiverd. If opening mould, plus 7-10 days.
3. Trade Term can be chosen depending on your requirements.
4. FOB Port: Shanghai

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