How to deal with and solve the sudden strike of indoor door hardware?

There are always a lot of small surprises in life, but there are all kinds of small accidents that can't be avoided, so we have to be able to cope with the surprises and accidents, so that in our home interior door hardware When you have a problem, you won't be at a loss. And if the hardware on the door leaf of our house really strikes in a disagreement, how can we fix it ourselves? Today, Xiaobian teaches you some little knowledge about the hardware on the wooden door. If you don’t know, the little partner will quickly poke in!

When the interior door is installed, we will notice that the mounting position of the hardware needs to be fixed in multiple places, especially in the installation of the hinge. We need to fix the special sturdiness, otherwise it will be easy to have problems, we are all Know that the function of the hinge is to understand the door leaf and the door cover, and it is necessary to bear the weight of the door leaf, that is, we need to have a good weight-bearing effect when using it, otherwise it is very likely that the door leaf will fall off. The situation, then we need to be solid at the time of installation. The installation of the locks and handles as well as the door suction needs to be fixed and then put into use.

In the process of using the indoor door, while we are maintaining the door leaf, we must also check the hardware regularly, and fix the loose place in time to be more effective in avoiding the hidden dangers. If our locks are inconvenient to use, we recommend that we do not use oil or other substances to infuse them into the lock cylinder. Instead, use lead instead. This damage to the lock will be minimized, and the metal is prone to oxidation, so we must pay attention not to splash the liquid on it, if any, it is also timely.

In general, the maintenance and maintenance of the hardware on the interior door is also a thing we need to pay attention to. In order to make our door fan last longer, we must not maintain the hardware.

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1. Light-weightness and more resistance to earthquakes and strong winds
2. Sustainability and less lifecycle cost thanks to low maintenance costs and highest quality materials, such as galvanized steel
3. Shorter construction period with the help of modularity and error-free prefabrication of building elements
4. Environment-friendly thanks to reusable steel members and minimized wastes by efficient usage of materials in the factory
5. Functionality, provided by relocatable, replaceable and load carrying walls and efficient usage of the space

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