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Good scenery Home News News Refrigerator is a large-sized home appliance commonly used in household appliances. The use of refrigerators has become an indispensable appliance in people's lives. So what issues should you pay attention to when purchasing refrigerators?


Fresh performance

Preservation is one of the most important functions of the refrigerator. The better the preservation effect, the longer it can be stored. This aspect mainly refers to the water loss rate of fruits and vegetables. Of course, the effect of air-cooled and refrigerated refrigerators will be better.

Quick freezing or quick cooling performance

The advantage of quick freezing or quick cooling is that it can freeze the food in the shortest time and make it easier to get fresh and complete ingredients.

power consumption

Power consumption is a very important consideration when purchasing a refrigerator. Some refrigerators are relatively cheaper, but they consume more electricity, which is not only good for energy saving. In the long run, the economy is not necessarily cost-effective. If you think that the refrigerator does not consume much power, then you are wrong. As a household electricity that runs almost 24 hours a day, the electricity consumption caused by low energy consumption and high energy consumption is quite obvious after years of use.

好风景家居新闻快讯 冰箱是家用电器中常用的大件家电,使用冰箱已经成为了人们生活中不可缺少的电器。那么冰箱选购应该注意哪些问题呢?


Generally speaking, the capacity of the refrigerator is calculated according to the population of the family. Generally, 60-90L per capita is suitable. Of course, if you like to buy a large amount of ingredients at one time, it is good to buy a large-capacity refrigerator, depending on your lifestyle and The rhythm of life is to buy a refrigerator with the right volume.

Noise value

Noise is a very important purchase indicator. If the refrigerator is too noisy, it will affect normal life. Even if the refrigerator is beautiful and other indicators are good, it will not work properly. So when you buy a refrigerator, be sure to listen to it in the quietest possible environment.

Defrosting ability

Manual defrosting or automatic defrosting affects our use to a certain extent. Refrigerator frosting will directly affect the cooling effect of the refrigerator. Of course, in normal terms, the price of a manual defrost refrigerator will be relatively cheaper.

Energy saving label

The energy efficiency rating of the refrigerator is determined based on the 24-hour power consumption of a refrigerator. Therefore, consumers can see how much power is consumed by the refrigerator at a glance. However, precisely because of this direct perception, consumers have neglected the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator. For example, a refrigerator with a power consumption of 0.3 kWh for 24 hours has a freezing capacity of 5 kg. And a 24-hour power consumption of 0.6 kWh, its refrigeration capacity is 20 kg. If you only look at the energy-saving logo, consumers must think that the first refrigerator is more energy-efficient, but according to the actual situation analysis, it is obvious that the latter refrigerator is relatively power-saving. Whether the refrigerator is energy-saving or not is a concept that is relative to the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator. Don't forget this when consumers are shopping.

The above is the introduction of the refrigerator shopping skills, I hope to help you, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the good scenery home

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