How to improve the working efficiency of the spraying machine?

How to improve the working efficiency of the spraying machine? To improve the efficiency of the spraying machine, we must start from two major aspects. The first is the correct operation method, and the second is professional maintenance. After the spraying machine has finished its work, we need to carry out a regular and regular maintenance on it so that it can not only work normally but also prolong its service life when it is used next time.
1. After every work, clean the foreign materials such as the mix material on the outer surface of the reducer.
2. Regularly observe the oil standard and fill it in time when the lubricant is insufficient.
3, the cumulative work of 250 hours (about three months) should be replaced again lubricants.
4, should be promptly filled with the rotor shaft bearing grease (the top of the square shaft with an oil port).
5, spraying machine for 8 hours of work, need to stop overhaul and maintenance, to ensure that the spray rotating arm normal operation; each time the stoppage time exceeds 10 minutes, the spray gun and the slurry tube should be cleaned, in strict accordance with the instructions of the disassembly, cleaning, installation And commissioning the spray gun to maintain the spray gun spray performance.
6. Regularly clean the dust-leaving fan blades and ducts to keep the dust flowing; clean the spray booth once a month; remove the paint on the conveyor belt in time, and adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.
7. Regularly clean the dust on the main box, vent hole, power supply and other devices to keep good heat dissipation and the components work properly. It is necessary to keep the grid glass clean and ensure accurate and reliable photoelectric detection.
8. Once every six months, change the lubricating oil of the continuously variable transmission, and each class will lubricate the bearings everywhere.

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