How to find a customer's decoration salesman to find customer skills

The decoration of the house is skillful, but it is also necessary for the decoration salesman to find the customer. Nowadays, people generally don't decorate their own houses. They all look for decoration companies to carry out renovations. The owners will save a lot of things. So how do the renovation salesmen find customers ? What are the skills of the renovation salesman looking for customers? Let's introduce it to you by the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to find a customer in the decoration salesman

1. People just want to find a customer to be renovated and ignore a more important customer group, that is, the developer. Yes, if the decoration company can talk about the developers and build a model room for them, then first of all, there will be more than one house. Each type of the property needs to be renovated, and there may be more than one room between the models. There are quite a few. In addition, after the model room is built, you can make your own advertisements. Most people who buy a house here will see the sample room, which can get a large number of customers.

2. Now is the Internet age. It is necessary to use the network publicity to increase the decoration company's customers. How to do it, you can build a practical local decoration public number, send out the knowledge you need to know every day, and accumulate fans to attract their choice. Our company is going to decorate. In addition, you can use QQ, WeChat or self-media number and live broadcast to find customers.

3. As the saying goes, a new customer is not as good as a loyal old customer. If you want to get more customers, you need to maintain good old customers. During the Chinese New Year, you can give a small gift, and occasionally send a small gift to keep the old customer. More customers, their relatives and friends will be introduced to the renovation, and their friends will come over after the maintenance.


Second, the decoration salesman to find customer skills

1. Hot atmosphere: Our company's construction engineering orders are scheduled to be placed on the 5th of next month. Today is July 4th. If the design contract is signed now, the plane plan, renderings, construction budget, etc. It takes a month to just go to your home for construction. Because our company does not want to order more than the order, but eager to expand the poor construction masters regardless of the quality of the project, so the current production capacity is limited, can not pick too many orders, can only be single.

2. Time Limit Method: Hello, our promotion is like this. You can enjoy a 15% discount before the 10th of this month, and only 5% discount after the 10th. Today is the 8th, you can sign a contract now, you can enjoy a 15% discount. If I can pay the deposit now, I will help you register for the registration.

3. Restriction Law: Hello, we have only 10 places in the decoration model room. There are only 2 places left. Our colleagues also have a few high-minded owners who want to sign a decoration model room. You See if I can open a receipt for the renovation deposit now, ok?

We all know that the decoration houses are now looking for a decoration company. Nowadays, there are a lot of decoration companies. How do the decoration salesmen find out the skills of finding customers and finding customers? I think everyone who has read the above small series probably knows about it. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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