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If the new house is not properly decorated, it is prone to problems such as house leaking. If our house leaks, what methods can be used to make house waterproofing and repairing ? What is the best way for a company to fill a building? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the methods and companies for housing waterproofing .

First, housing waterproof trap method

1, crack leaking

If the concrete temperature is not controlled during construction, the maintenance is not done, the settlement joints are not standardized and other reasons will cause cracks in the house leaks. If this is the reason, we can first clean up the bad joints, in accordance with The construction requirements shall be repaired, or the concrete shall be poured according to the construction standards and settlement joints shall be prepared in accordance with the regulations.

2, waterproof layer leaks

Damage to the waterproof layer, or poor quality of the materials used, can also cause water leakage in the waterproof layer. For this reason, we need to remove the protective layer, such as ceramic tile, on the wall surface of the hourglass area, and then make water again. Engineering, and do a good job of closing the water test, if there is no problem, we can tile the tile.

3, not fully tampered

If the workers do not compact the concrete, there will be emptying, etc., which will cause the wall to be wet and water seepage. If this is the reason, we need to remove the leaked wall or floor and choose the right one. The concrete installation specification shall be cast after the construction is tamped, and then waterproof shall be done on the wall or the ground, and finally tiled.

Second, what are the companies that make up for waterproofing?

1, Lei Bang Shi

Established in 2003, Lei Bang Shi Group is a company specializing in home waterproofing and its supporting products. After years of development, its service network and more than 20 cities across the country, the company cooperates with internationally renowned companies and has a number of research and development bases. With its international leading technology, it is recognized by consumers everywhere.

2. Oriental Yuhong

Founded in 1995, Oriental Yuhong is a comprehensive enterprise that provides high-quality waterproofing systems for infrastructure construction and civil construction. After years of development, the company has more than 50 branch companies and has built in many cities across the country. The R&D base has established cooperation with several well-known institutions, and its high-quality service has been widely recognized by users.

Xiao Bian concludes: Housing waterproof mending leakage company also has Middle East Water Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Luban Architecture, etc., Xiaobian will not be introduced one by one here, on the method of housing waterproof mending leakage and the company Xiaobian introduced here, and hopes to pass After reading this article, we can provide you with reference and help.

House waterproof trap

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