Remote control switch how remote control switch function

Today, wireless remote control switches are widely used to control some household appliances, various types of lighting, curtains, doors and other household items. This new type of smart switch brings us infinite convenience, so it is also loved by many consumers. Here's a look at the remote control switch and the remote switch function.

How about remote control switch

1. The composition of the wireless remote control switch: The commonly used remote control switch is composed of two parts, namely the transmitter and the receiver.

2. The principle of wireless remote control switch: The wireless remote control switch encodes the controller's control button through the transmitter and then modulates it to the radio frequency signal for wireless signal transmission. The receiver of the wireless remote control switch decodes the received wireless signal and then decodes it, and then obtains the signal corresponding to the control button, and then controls the corresponding circuit work.

3. Advantages of wireless remote control switch: The installation of the remote control switch is very simple, no need to connect the zero line, do not have to change any lighting appliances, you can directly replace the original switch. When it is called after a power outage, it will be in an auto-off state, without wasting energy, and you can also centrally control all the remote control switches in your home. It is designed in various ways and has more choices. It is also possible to combine the remote control switch with the traditional mechanical switch. The operation is simple and convenient.

What are the remote control switch functions?

1. The wireless remote control switch not only has the switch function, but also has the function of controlling the indoor light while replacing the traditional wall switch. Its configuration is flexible and simple, and the lighting effects can also be very good.

2. The remote control switch can also be used to control the remote wall without direction. The remote control switch of the radio frequency technology can cover the signal within a radius of 20-100 meters, and can penetrate 2 to 3 walls.

3. The remote control switch does not have a heavy code phenomenon in the same city, so there will not be other people's remote control switch to control their own home appliances, lamps and so on.

4. The remote control switch has the function of intelligent learning code technology, which can be separated from the switch, so that the light control can be performed flexibly.

5. The remote control switch has a strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, and lightning protection.

6. The wireless remote control switch can also be remotely controlled manually, which is much more convenient.

7. The remote control switch adopts the single-wire connection mode, which can replace the traditional switch, and it also meets the electrician construction standards.

8. The remote control switch has a full-open and full-close function. When a break is needed, all lights can be turned off with one touch. If you want to use the scene function, you can also fully open.

9. The remote switch also has a power-off protection function. When a power failure occurs, the switch is turned off. When an incoming call is made, the switch will be in the off state and will not cause harm to people because they do not know the switch status, which also saves energy.

10. The remote control switch also has a soft start function, such as an incandescent light. When the light is turned on, the light can be gradually darkened, which can prevent the light from mutating the eyes and prolonging the service life of the light bulb.

11. The remote control switch can be controlled centrally and controlled by multiple points. Each key and each remote control can have multiple codes and multiple keys. In this way, the user can control the lamp in different places anywhere, or control the same lamp in different places.

12. The remote control switch also possesses the function of electrical control integration. With the addition of a CIMC device, it can realize the control and integration of in-room televisions, air conditioners, stereos, and automatic curtains.

The article summarizes: How about the remote control switch ? Now that the technology is more and more developed, the function of the wireless remote control switch is becoming more and more complete. This brings convenience to the user while also enjoying different functions. By understanding the above knowledge of the remote control switch, I believe we have a certain understanding of the remote control switch.

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