How much is the price of a floating window cabinet? How to use the floating window storage

Nowadays, many types of units have a bay window design. How do we make changes to the bay window to make maximum use of the bay window space? Many owners will choose to install a bay window cabinet to increase the storage space in the room. How much is the price? What other methods can we use to better use the bay window for storage? The next Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction of the price of the floating window cabinet and how to use the floating window storage.

First, what is the price of the Bay Window Cabinet?

Orchid secret language creative European pastoral wind window side console cabinet window storage storage cabinet home balcony Bay window cabinet cabinet top cabinet length 105* deep 40* high 45cm teak plus white price is about 400 yuan.

Aiee European pastoral side cabinet restaurant partition storage floor cupboard cupboard balcony Bay window cabinet shoe length 80 deep 30 high 80cm two door two price is about 760 yuan.

Piao sideboard cabinets cabinets cabinets cabinets TV cabinets bookcases cabinets Bay window cabinets cabinet price is about 180-350 yuan.

Simple household large capacity storage cabinet to remember the balcony balcony storage low cabinet living room bedroom cabinets floating window cabinet length 30* deep 40* high 45cm (single door) price is about 450 yuan.

The above prices are from the network, for reference only.

Second, how to use floating window storage

1, Bay window bottom cabinet

If we want to make cabinets at the bottom of the bay window, we must first consider the load-bearing structure of the wall. If it is not a load-bearing wall, we can use a hammer to remove the body under the window and clean it up, and then contact a dedicated manufacturer for on-site measurement. , customization, installation. After the bottom of the floating window is completed, we can also lay a blanket on it and put a pillow or two on it to become a small recreation area.

2, Bay window top to do lockers

To make a locker at the top of a bay window, it is not necessary to consider the load-bearing structure of its wall. We only need to extend the bay window inwards and do thick reinforcement. Then we can make a locker above the extension section. However, after the locker is made, it is not possible to place heavy items, and it is inconvenient for us to store it. We have better place some less frequently used and lighter items.

3. Make lockers on both sides of the bay window

This approach is similar to the practice of using a locker at the top of a bay window. It is necessary to extend the bay window inward. Then we expand the left and right sides to make lockers. In this way, we do not need to consider the weight of the wall. Do not worry that the locker cannot hold heavy items.

4, Bay window internal storage cabinet

In addition to being a locker around the bay window, we can also use the interior of the bay window. However, if we want to do a locker inside the bay window, we also need to consider the thickness of the bay window, allowing for the thickness of the wall. We can pull out one or both sides of the bay window from a certain space, install a locker inside, or install storage planks.

5, comprehensive storage

We want to make full use of the space of the bay window. Then we can consider the way of comprehensive storage. With the conditions of the wall bearing structure and other aspects allowed, we can make lockers at the bottom, top and both sides of the bay window.

Xiao Bian concludes: How much is the price of the floating window cabinet and how to use the floating window storage Xiao Bian to simply introduce here, I hope that after reading this article, can provide reference and help for everyone.

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