Analyze the annealing process of high carbon chromium bearing steel

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Analyze the annealing process of high carbon chromium bearing steel

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-26

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The spheroidizing annealing of high carbon chromium bearing steel is to obtain the arrangement of fine, small, uniform and round carbide particles uniformly distributed on the ferrite matrix; preparation for future cold processing and finishing quenching and tempering. The spheroidizing annealing process is carried out at a temperature slightly higher than Ac1 (such as GCr15 of 780-810 °C) and then slowly cooled (25 °C / h) to 650 ° C below the furnace air cooling. The process heat treatment time is long (20h or more) [1]; and the particles of the carbide after annealing are not uniform; affecting the future cold working and the end quenching and tempering arrangement and function. After; according to the transformation characteristics of the supercooled austenite; developing the isothermal spheroidizing annealing process: after heating Quickly cool to a temperature range below Ar1 (690 ~ 720 ° C) for isothermal; in the isothermal process to complete the transformation of austenite to ferrite and carbide; after the completion of the transformation can be directly out of the air cooling. The strength of the process is Saving heat treatment time (the whole process is about 12~18h), the carbides in the arrangement after the treatment are fine and uniform. Another time-saving process is repeated spheroidizing annealing: the first heating to 810 °C and then cooling to 650 °C; Heated to 790 ° C and then cooled to 650 ° C Although the cooling process can save time bound; but more cumbersome process operations.

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