What kind of European doors are there?

Usually when people are decorating their homes, they pay great attention to the decoration of the facade. At the same time, it is difficult to decide how to purchase. At the time of choosing a family door material, many modern families will choose wooden doors. Among them, the European style wooden door is the top ten famous door industry brand in China, and it is a very reliable product. So how are the European doors? What are the characteristics of European wood door ? Let's take a look!

First, what are the characteristics of European wood door - European wood door please?

It chooses vertical and horizontal three-dimensional glulam as a base material, and is made of precious wood veneer. It not only has the characteristics of solid wood but it is luxurious and productive, and it is less deformable than solid wood products. It has low cracking and wet shrinkage and low price. Such characteristics, this is the past two years, the European products to push the door series, the market sales are very good. The European style wooden door is one of the more mainstream products in the Chinese modern building materials market. Its quality and performance are also very good.

Second, what is the characteristics of European wood door?

1, high production standards. The filler inside the door leaf should be saturated. The repaired wooden door should be fixed along the inner frame along the door. The horizontal and vertical keel arrangement of the inner frame meets the design requirements. The installation hinge should have a horizontal keel. The decorative panel and the frame are firmly bonded. ,No Alice, cracks, flat surface, clean, no frugal, insect eyes, cracks and rot, clear wood, beautiful texture. The thickness of the board must not be less than 3 mm.

2, good decorating effect. European style wooden door shape and home decoration style match. Usually the home decoration style is mainly divided into European, Chinese, simple, classic and other styles, such as home interior design is based on the curve of the mainstream elements, the style of the European style wooden door should also be the ideal match with the curve, and vice versa . In addition, the selection of the wood of the European wood door should also be consistent with the wood of the interior furniture in order to achieve the best indoor decoration effect.

3, full-featured. European wood doors belong to the products that can withstand long-term use and are not easy to use. It has the advantages of anti-moisture, anti-moth-eaten, heat-resistance, anti-cracking, etc. It is solid and non-deformation, with good sound insulation and heat insulation effects. The European style wooden door is artistic, elegant and elegant, and can play a role in embellishing the bedroom.

Summary: The above is related to the characteristics of the European style wooden door and the European style wooden door. When many friends around you are doing the decoration, you may wish to try the European style wooden door. I hope everyone likes Xiaobian's introduction. For more related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site!

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