What are the advantages of scraping white and white?

Nowadays, when many friends decorate their rooms, they use a variety of materials to decorate the walls. But friends know how this decoration is done. Now let’s take a look at this white-striped picture. In the end, there are a lot of detailed construction steps in our article about how to shave the white , which can help friends better understand the shaving.


First, the advantage of shaving

1. Shaving white is also a kind of interior wall decoration of our building. It is also a common type of wall decoration for ordinary residences. It is a rough white surface, which is used on the rough surface of cement, using white powder, talcum powder and fiber for construction. A mixture of prime (a chemical binder that melts easily in water) smoothes the wall and ceiling to fill the sand and whitens it.

2, everyone knows that shaving white is a way to decorate the interior wall of the building, then its thickness is about 1mm, it is also good after drying, it will not easily fade. It is only afraid of water. If there is water soaking, it will fall naturally when it is scraped. Its construction is more common in the current ordinary houses. It replaces the original white powder fiber wall surface, and has the advantages of low cost, fast construction speed and easy repair.

Second, the shaving white construction steps

1. Grassroots treatment: If the original white does not have too much skinning, it does not need to be processed at the grassroots level, as long as the local leveling is sufficient. If the original white is not very good, or if it is afraid that the white will be peeled off afterwards, it is necessary to shovel the original white. After the shovel is finished, the strong and interface agent is brushed; the strong fixing is mainly because there is residue after the shovel is finished. The white dust is left on the wall to avoid layering when it is white. If you don't brush it, it is ok to brush it with white latex glue.


2, gypsum leveling: remember to take the plaster to level the wall or the uneven place of the roof, the yin and yang angle elastic line paste bandage must first make the gypsum board joints open a certain gap to take the gypsum fill level, so that The gypsum board forms a whole. Put a bandage on the seam where you can pay attention to the place where it is easy to crack. Finally, repeat the two layers.

3, scraping white: the front process is handled as long as the normal scraping on both sides. However, it seems that the most simple thing for friends to polish is that if the polishing process is not good, the process of painting the latex paint is very unsightly, and there will be cracks in the place where it is not polished. Therefore, be sure to take the light bulb to play, so as not to have a nap.

4, brush latex paint: before brushing latex paint, all the dust should be cleaned, latex paint can be added to the appropriate water according to the degree of dryness of the wall, after brushing one side, sanding once, so after brushing the two sides will Have a better effect display.

Everyone has seen the introduction in this article is what are some of the benefits of shaving the white, what is the origin of this shaving white decoration, and how the effect of the decoration is, and what are the steps of shaving the white. Our decoration home network has a lot of decorative information, and friends continue to pay attention.

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