What are the choices of plastic molds for hot runner manufacturers?

Hot runner molds have only been in the domestic market for more than ten years. For the plastic mold industry, it is no longer a well-known product. Many people know because of their advantages. In the face of the growing market demand for hot runner systems, choose a correct heat flow. Road suppliers are very important. A suitable supplier should be able to assist with pre-module component analysis, design processes, and add value to your molds through the use of cutting-edge, reliable technology that is condensed with the necessary expertise and experience. When selecting a hot runner supplier, the mold manufacturer considers the quality of the hot runner supplier first is the analytical capability; the second is the design investment.

Analytical ability

In the early stages of a new mold build, it is important that your hot runner designer can provide input and feedback on part design and mold drawings. The analysis software program (Figure 1) can help determine the correct gate location and quantity, thermal deformation, shrinkage, pressure drop, weld line, condensate flap, shear stress, temperature rise and part casting time, allowing hot runner and mold performance optimize.

2. Design investment

During the design process, moldmakers need to find a partner that can provide hot runner drawings and models that are easily integrated into the design. The 3-D model of the hot runner is used to approve the drawings to ensure they are easily checked by the mold designer and to easily provide gate embedding and drawing plans for the plant. Hot runner suppliers' flexible drawing formats and CAD packages will be key to a successful partnership.
Proper part design is critical to the successful construction of the mold, and hot runner suppliers can provide experience in many areas of the injection molding industry. Design features such as the cooling cycle of the gate, dimples and partition walls in the gate area can be described so that improvements can be made before a specific design commission.

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