How to maintain a screwdriver?

How to maintain a screwdriver?

The so-called screwdriver is also called a screw driver, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, or a solution knife. It is a common hardware tool product used to fasten or remove a screw. It has many types, and can be divided into one according to the shape of the head. Both words and cross, although the screwdriver is a relatively small hardware tools, but to think of its long life, then in the use of the process still need its normal maintenance and maintenance, how to maintain and maintain the screwdriver? Take a look below and you will know.

Screwdriver use matters needing attention:

1. Do not use a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screws on the workpiece. The workpiece should be clamped in the fixture to prevent injury.

2. The method of hammering the end of the screwdriver handle can not be used to open the gap or remove metal burrs and other objects.

3, screwdriver blade damage, become blunt knife should be grinding at any time, with a grinding wheel to water cooling, screwdriver can not be repaired, such as knife-edge damage is serious, deformation, cracked or damaged hand handle should be scrapped.

4. Select the appropriate screwdriver according to the groove width and groove shape of the screw head that is tightened or loosened; do not use a small screwdriver to screw the larger screw; Phillips screwdriver is used to tighten or loosen the head belt Cross recessed screws; elbow screwdrivers for space-limited screw heads.

In short, the screwdriver is generally used together with the screw. If the screwdriver is damaged, the screw that needs to be tightened or released will not be able to handle. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that you use a screwdriver in strict accordance with the above method to ensure that the screwdriver is in use. Will not be damaged.

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