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Clutch bearing selection

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The conditions required for selection are as follows:
Overrunning clutch motor standard, starting torque/extra torque of electric motor, extra drive torque, operating speed scale,
The inertia "j" of the driven member, the scale of the super-operating speed, the number of lifespans used, and the diameter of the shaft.
Positioning clutch positioning movements per minute, positioning motion viewpoint, extra torque, inertia "j" of the driven member, acceleration of the transmission member, lifespan of the number of applications, diameter of the shaft.
Avoid reverse clutch retraction torque, maximum dynamic retreat impact torque; the onset of this torque is fixed because the end of the object is fixed; the effect of the seizure elasticity between the two ends is attacked, the scale of the super-operation speed, the number of times of operation The diameter of the shaft.
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