What is the bathroom hidden door hidden door effect chart appreciation

There may be a sense of mystery under the “dark door” at first listening, but when you really understand them, you will find that it is actually the most common in our lives. Some families may not have designed the door, or do not know how to design, so Xiao Bian today to carefully introduce the bathroom door, to enjoy some invisible door effect map.

The various products in life are discovered inadvertently between us, and there are many things that are very unremarkable. However, they have a very large role, just like the bathroom doorway that Xiaobian introduces for everyone today. . I don’t know if it’s okay. We’re always learning to make our room even more beautiful, but we’ve got to look carefully today.

What is a bathroom door?

What is a bathroom door? A simple explanation is that because the overall area of ​​many houses is limited, the design of the bathroom may reveal a part of it, thus affecting the overall visual effect. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to use a secret door to cover up the lack of space. Department. An excellent door design can be integrated with the surrounding environment, and even the door cannot be located, making the entire space more harmonious and unified.

How to design the bathroom door?

Conventionally speaking, the secret door is generally a sliding door, and the bathroom door can be designed on the background wall of the bedroom, or it can be completed through exquisite and perfect hand-painted door design, and even the door can be used as a mirror design. It can be either a door or a mirror after finishing the toilet. So its design method is various, and no matter what kind of tactics can make our bedroom more exquisite, so that the door closer to the surrounding environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom door

Speaking of this, affirming that everything has its two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages. Just like our bathroom door can be a very good space-saving, it can also make the door and the surrounding environment perfect and easy, overall showing a sense of comfort. However, it also has the disadvantage that the labor costs for making secret doors are relatively high.

Example of a bathroom door effect chart:

"Bathroom door concealed door effect chart one"

A revolving door was used between the bathroom and the bedroom. The red floral pattern was used on the door. It was simple and stylish. This design is very convenient for us to use, and it also saves space; at the same time, it serves as a door when the door is closed. Decorative walls, the entire design is very creative.

"Bathroom door hidden door effect chart II"

In the design of this bathroom, the door and the wall are perfectly combined together; the three-dimensional tiles of the plaid have a bumpy texture, which is very fashionable and generous. The entire bathroom is decorated with no frills, a transparent wash basin, and There are simple chandeliers that are full of a simple and stylish atmosphere.

"Bathroom door concealed door effect chart three"

How to maximize the space, this bathroom is a very good interpretation of this point. This bathroom is designed with a bathroom at the foot of the stairs, with a door similar to the color of the wall, so that from the outside, it will not be considered a bathroom door, to do a very good secret.

"Bathroom door concealed door effect chart four"

In the design of the master bedroom, the design of the bathroom is generally added, but how can the bathroom door be designed to give a very elegant bedroom effect that will not affect the overall bedroom? You can use this bathroom door design, the door as a partition.

"Bathroom door concealed door effect chart five"

This bathroom door in the material used in the selection of a metal design, simple and stylish; Although the bathroom's overall space is not great, but the wide door design to a certain extent, so that the bathroom space is extended, it appears There is a sense of space.

Edit reminder:

Looked at the invisible door effect chart above, do not know if everyone has the heart? However, if you also decide to design and use the bathroom door in your own home, it is recommended that you first consider the various aspects, because they are beautiful, but the price is not low.

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