How to choose solid wood furniture

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Renovation of the house, purchase of furniture, solid wood furniture is the ideal choice. However, the quality of solid wood furniture on the market is not good. When purchasing, not only depends on the price, the craft of furniture, the solid structure of the furniture, but also the wood used in solid wood furniture, so how to choose solid wood. Furniture is a question that everyone needs to care about.

First, verify the solid wood

A mystery to judge whether it is solid wood furniture is: wood grain and thrift. It is a straight board, or a tooth. Such as a cabinet door, the appearance looks like a pattern, then the position corresponding to the change of the pattern, the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door, if the correspondence is very good, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. However, if the door panel is thickened or double-layered, the grain will not correspond well.

Second, judge the tree species

Solid wood furniture usually uses wood such as sea eucalyptus, white oak, ash, eucalyptus, etc., while expensive solid wood furniture mainly uses walnut, rosewood, wenge, rosewood and so on. To understand the tree species, the guide purchaser asks, and the second is to look at the product label, including the same material. The price of different materials will vary according to the origin. The same grade of different materials is different from the manufacturer, which is also the reason for the different price of the finished product.

Third, observe the wood

Open the furniture cabinet door and drawers and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and the texture is tight and delicate. If you have furniture made of materials such as particle board, MDF and one-time forming board, open the door or drawer and smell it for a pungent smell.

Fourth, looking for defects

Look at the main stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the pillars and the load-bearing bars connecting the columns to the ground. There should be no large knots or cracks. The structure is firm, the frame must not be loose, and it is not allowed to break or break the material. The components of the wood-based panels used in the combination of wood and wood shall be edge-sealed, and various accessories shall be installed with few pieces, missing nails and nails.

At the same time, the quality of the detailed processing is also a sign of good or bad furniture. The interior of a good solid wood furniture should be very meticulous, the design should be humanized, the items should be classified reasonably, and each place has a brand mark and a solid wood logo.

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