Is the thunderstorm wall facing the tide?

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In the summer, there are many thunderstorms, and the house is also prone to become wet. The wall is often wet due to various reasons. Is it fine, and the problem of moisture on the wall is solved? Actually it is not. Today, I will teach you how to treat some wall surfaces with moisture and mildew.

●The tiles don’t matter most.

In all wet conditions, it doesn't matter if the tiles get wet. The color of the tiles in the home will become darker and even darker. But experts say that the owners do not need to be nervous, the black tiles in the damp tiles are the visual difference caused by the light emission, and will be restored to the original after drying.

●Moldy and timely treatment of the wall

Once the wall is wet and mildewed, it is necessary to remove the mold in time, and wipe the wall with anti-virus water, 84 disinfectant or bleaching solution (diluted to 5%-10%) to clean the mold spots. If the wall is mildly moldy and the area is large, it is necessary to re-coat the primer and topcoat. It is best to choose a product with good mildew resistance.

●Wallpaper is affected by the tide

After the wall with the wallpaper is damp, the wallpaper may appear uplifted, deformed and discolored. If the wallpaper is mildewed and lighter, wipe it off with a semi-dry rag and blow dry with a hair dryer. More serious, it is recommended to replace the wall wallpaper as a whole.

●The bathroom is treated with moisture

Leakage in the bathroom is extremely common and occurs when the ceiling is wet. The bathroom generally has a ceiling, and the seepage wall will be hidden, so no special treatment is required. If the water seepage is serious, you need to re-waterproof the neighbors upstairs. If the ceiling of the bathroom is aluminum buckle plate, it only needs to be wiped clean after water seepage. If it is waterproof gypsum board, it needs to be replaced.

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