Share the hard drive recorder crashes nine tricks

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] When using a hard disk recorder, it will inevitably encounter many sudden failures such as crashes. For newer machines that normally work normally, most of them are caused by the software stopping the response. As long as the software that stops responding is forcibly closed, the DVR can resume normal operation by holding down the ctrl and alt keys, then pressing the del key, the "Close Program" window will appear, and the mouse will be selected as "Stop Response". The name of the software, press the "end task" button. If the crash is too serious, even if the "Close Program" window cannot be displayed or a "Blue Screen" appears, you can only restart the DVR by pressing the combination or reset button. What should I do if I encounter the following situation?
Share the hard drive recorder crashes nine tricks
First, encounter power outages <br> Monitors, mainframes, speakers, etc. will be forced to close in an instant. The document data being written will be lost, and if the disk is being read or written, there may be bad sectors. The instantaneous voltage fluctuations during power outages also impact the chips, circuits, resistors, etc. of the DVR hardware. In order to avoid accidents, it is better to choose a brand power supply when installing a hard disk recorder, so as to minimize the adverse effect of voltage fluctuation on the hardware from the power supply. After the power failure, turn off all power, in case the monitor and the atx power supply start at the same time, this will cause bad damage to the hardware. When you use the word to edit the document, use the word auto-save function. If the moment of power failure happens to be on the disk, do not skip the disk detection at startup to detect the presence or absence of bad sectors. Once bad sectors are found, use tools such as norton, pqmagic to repair or block bad sectors. In addition, if the economy permits, an ups is provided to provide power-off protection for the DVR.
Second, the power is outdated <br> When upgrading the DVR, for example, the newly purchased high-speed optical drive is installed. Because of the high speed, the power consumption is also large, and the load of the power supply is increased, and the phenomenon of crash or restart may occur. The original power supply does not take into account the power consumption of the current hard disk, graphics card and high-speed optical drive, so the output power of the power supply is not too high, plus some of the brand-name power supplies themselves "shrink", can not provide enough power, when the system The number of devices in the device increases, the power consumption becomes larger, and the voltage of the inferior power supply output is drastically reduced, eventually resulting in unstable system operation and automatic restart. In addition, poor contact of the power outlet, excessive voltage fluctuations may cause damage to the hard disk and other equipment. It can replace a high-quality power supply, which can provide the safest protection for your DVR.
Third, the automatic shutdown <br> Today's mainstream motherboard has cpu temperature monitoring function, once the cpu temperature is too high, exceeds the temperature set in the motherboard bios, the motherboard will automatically cut off the power to protect the relevant hardware. On the other hand, power management and virus software in the system can also cause automatic shutdown. If the above sudden shutdown phenomenon occurs frequently, first confirm whether the heat dissipation of the cpu is normal. Open the chassis to see if the fan blades are working properly, then enter the bios option to see the fan speed and cpu operating temperature. If it is a fan problem, perform related dust removal maintenance on the fan or replace the fan with better quality. If the power supply is aging or damaged, you can confirm it by replacing the power supply. If the power supply is broken, replace it with a new one to prevent the hardware from being burned. Of course, it may also be poisoning, enter the system, install power management from the installation CD, and thoroughly kill the virus. At the same time, you should always update the anti-virus software virus library, use less pirated discs, and do not download unknown email attachments.
Fourth, the system failure <br> can not enter the system, the startup screen is still, or display: thediskiserror and other e-text tips. The more common cause is that the system file has been modified, corrupted, or loaded with an abnormal command line. In addition, the failure of the hard disk is also one of the reasons. First try to enter safe mode, press the f8 key, select the third item in the boot menu: safemodel. After entering the safe mode, you can find the fault through the device manager and the system file checker. If you encounter the "!" number, you can check whether it is del or set the interrupt. It is also possible to reinstall the driver, and the system file may be damaged from the installation file (you can copy the windows installation disk to the hard disk in advance). If even the security mode can not enter, start to dos through the CD-ROM or floppy disk with boot, first disinfect the virus under dos and check whether the system file in the c disk is complete with dir. If necessary, sysc: can be restored through the system floppy disk. Related basic system files. If no files are found in the c drive, only the system is reinstalled.
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V. System crashes<br> The desktop is locked or blue screen, the mouse can't move, and even hot start (alt+ctrl+del) will not work. In addition to the system's own bugs and compatibility issues between the software, it may also be that running too many programs at the same time causes the process to block, causing a crash. When the machine has a true or false, press the numlock button, and the indicator light changes to a false machine. If you can press alt+ctrl+del at the same time, select the program name in the task list that appears, and mark the item that does not respond. Click End Task. Really solved by a cold start. For the blue screen, after pressing the esc key is invalid, press the reset button.
Sixth, boot black screen <br> The DVR's boot must first be powered by the power supply, then the motherboard's bios boot self-test, and then check the cpu, memory, graphics card, hard drive, CD-ROM, etc., if this step in the middle of the problem The DVR cannot be started normally or even black. First confirm the external connection of the monitor, the host power supply, and whether the internal connection between the host power supply and the host power interface is smooth. The graphics card, the memory is too long, and it is in contact with the dust in the air for a long time. The formation of an oxide layer on the gold finger may cause poor contact. Wipe the golden finger with cotton and alcohol, and insert it after drying. In addition, observe whether the cpu is working normally, and turn it on for about half a minute, and touch the heat sink of the cpu fan to see if there is temperature. If there is temperature, the possibility that the cpu will be broken can be basically ruled out. If there is no temperature, tidy up the cpu socket to make sure it is in place. After this, there is no temperature, it may be a problem with the cpu.
7. Loose equipment aging <br> A large vibration during the movement of the equipment often causes the internal components of the machine to loosen, resulting in poor contact, causing the DVR to crash, so avoid heavy vibration when moving the DVR. Usually, when the crash is found, you can also check whether the boards are loose. You can pull them out and plug them in again. Loose memory, virtual soldering or the quality of the memory chip itself. The memory module contact fault should be eliminated according to the specific situation, such as re-plugging. If there is a problem with the quality of the memory module, you need to replace the memory module to solve the problem. The hard disk is aging or bad sectors or bad sectors due to improper use. This makes it easy for the machine to crash when it is running.
Eight, hardware resource conflicts <br> If the motherboard main frequency and cpu frequency do not match, the old motherboard overclocking will set the FSB too high, may not guarantee the stability of the operation, resulting in frequent crashes. This is mainly due to the fact that the matching of the compatible parts of the compatible machine is not perfect. Therefore, it is best to use the whole machine provided by a professional manufacturer, and do not assemble the DVR by itself. Software and hardware are not compatible. Some monitoring softwares sometimes cannot be started or even installed on some microcomputers. There may be problems with software and hardware compatibility. Sometimes the settings of the sound card or graphics card conflict, causing an abnormal error. In addition, the interruption of other devices, DMA or port conflicts may cause a few drivers to generate an exception, resulting in a crash. The solution is to start in "safe mode" and make appropriate adjustments in "Control Panel" → "System" → "Device Management". For situations where an exception error is generated in the driver, the registry can be modified. Select "Run", type "regedit", enter the registry editor, use the "Find" function under the menu, find and delete all the "primary keys" and "key values" associated with the driver prefix string, and restart.
Nine, the improper selection of parts caused the crash <br> A few people use the poor quality motherboard, memory, and even sell counterfeit motherboards and old cpu, memory when assembling the DVR to customers, this will make the machine running Very unstable, it is inevitable that a crash will occur. The larger the memory capacity, the better, at least 0, 5% to 1% of the hard disk capacity. If this happens, you should replace it with the largest possible memory. Or add a new memory stick to the original memory. Since cpu overclocking increases the operating frequency of the CPU, it may also make its performance unstable. The reason is that the speed of cpu accessing data in memory is faster than the speed of exchanging data between memory and hard disk. Overclocking makes this contradiction more prominent, which aggravates the situation where the required data cannot be found in memory or virtual memory. This will cause an "abnormal error". The solution is simple, that is, to let the cpu return to the normal frequency. In addition, for motherboards that do not support udma66/100, you should pay attention to the setting of the hard disk operation mode in cmos.

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