Talking about the Installation Requirements of Optical Cable Terminal Box

Optical cable terminal box products are auxiliary equipment for terminal wiring in optical fiber transmission communication networks. They are suitable for the direct and branch connection of indoor optical cables and provide protection for optical fiber connectors. The optical cable terminal box is mainly used for the fixing of the optical cable terminal, the welding of the optical cable and the pigtail, and the accommodation and protection of the residual fiber.

Installation requirements:

1. The installation position, installation method and height of the information module, multi-user optical cable terminal box and assembly point distribution module shall meet the design requirements.

2, when installed in the floor or on the floor, should be fixed in the junction box, the information panel with upright and horizontal forms, the junction box cover can be opened, and should have a waterproof, dustproof, anti-pressure function, junction box cover It should be flush with the ground.

3. When the optical fiber terminal box bottom box is installed with the information module and the power socket at the same time, the spacing and the protective measures taken shall meet the design requirements.

4. The fixing method of the optical cable terminal box base shall be determined by the specific conditions of on-site construction. It may be installed by means of expansion screws, injection nails, etc. The fixing method of the information module mounted bottom box shall be determined according to the construction site conditions.

5, the fastening screw should be tightened should not produce loose phenomenon. The installation of the base, information module and panel should be firm and stable without any looseness. The panel should be kept on a horizontal surface to be beautiful and tidy.

6. The optical fiber terminal box installed on the wall should be located 300mm above the ground. When using a raised floor on the floor of the room. The cable terminal box should be 300mm away from the surface of the raised floor.

7. All kinds of socket panels should have identification? The color, graphic, and text indicate the service type of the connected terminal equipment.

8. The optical fiber connecting device and adapter mounting bottom box that terminates the optical cable in the work area should have enough space and should meet the design requirements

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