Fang Haijiang: Sifangda's sustainable development

——Fang Haijiang, the chairman of Henan Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. Henan Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sifangda ) was established in 1997, located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan Province, Central Plains Economic Zone. Sifangda has the only production line of composite superhard materials in China, which is the only one in the world. The products are not only sold well in China, but also exported to over 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, Germany and Italy. On February 15, 2011, Sifangda was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300179). The resounding response of the Quartet's listing bell in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange indicates that Sifangda has successfully landed in the capital market and became the first listed company in China's composite superhard materials industry. Sifangda, a world-renowned manufacturer of composite superhard materials, has since stood on the horizon of the East, injecting new vitality into the development of China's national industry. As the first listed company in the composite super-hard materials industry in China, Sifangda can achieve a qualitative leap from the accumulation of quantity, and rapidly rise and take off. These are the result of the perseverance and courage of the Quartet people, and it is the pioneering and innovative enterprise. The history of social support for care is inevitable. 2011 is the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the first year of the company's successful landing in the domestic capital market. It is also a year in which the company is determined to make progress and ready to go. Under the correct leadership of the board of directors, the company continues to adhere to the principle of “first-class products and constant quality”. The business philosophy of “innovative development, rapid response, prompt delivery, and value-added services” further enhances the company's competitive advantage and brand influence. Below I will talk about Sifangda's approach to sustainable development from four aspects. First, the first-class R & D and management team is the foundation of enterprise development. Quartet has a first-class modern office environment, and a large number of high-end R & D and professional technical personnel in the industry. The company has 317 employees, including 12 with master's degree or above, and more than 50% of the total number of employees with college education or above. In 2010, the company also hired the former DI company (formerly known as GE's Superhard Materials Division), the general manager of the RDC product R&D department for oil/natural gas drilling as an independent technical consultant. The joining of DI experts further enhances the strength of the company's R&D team and enhances the company's international competitiveness. The company summarized a set of talent cultivation, selection, evaluation and incentive systems. It is possible for people to be able to recruit and retain their talents. There is a platform for talents to do things and space for development. Formed a united, efficient and high-quality R&D and management team. Second, continuous innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises. Innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises and the source of corporate profits. The company has always attached great importance to product development and management innovation. The polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die blank CD2518SP/3020SP (Big Mac) series has been developed to fill the domestic gap. It is one of the only two companies in the world that can produce this product. The company has developed 1 micron ultrafine diamond grain size polycrystal. The diamond drawing die blank not only has higher strength, but also can draw hard metal wires (such as steel cords) with higher strength and hardness. At the same time, due to the fine grain size of the diamond, the drawn metal wire is not easily scratched, and has a high The finish is exclusive for domestic production. The diamond composite sheet for cutting tools has a diameter of 51 mm. It can cut not only metal and alloy materials, but also non-metallic materials such as wood, laminate flooring and ceramics. It has filled the domestic gap and has been exported to developed countries such as Europe and America. And area. The polycrystalline diamond micro drill bit developed by the company has a minimum diameter of only 0.5 mm and a life expectancy of 100 times that of the conventional drill bit. It is exclusively produced internationally. The conical PDC tooth series and the hemispherical PDC tooth series have been put into mass production. Projects such as PDC picks for mine mining, PDC down-the-hole drills for mines, and composite superhard tools have been successfully promoted. In recent years, Sifangda has been selected as “Henan Province High-growth Private Enterprise”; “Henan Province High-tech Enterprise”; “Henan Province Innovative Enterprise”, “Henan Province Composite Superhard Materials Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Henan Province” Provincial Science and Technology Center, and won the "High-tech Product Certificate for PDC Composite Sheet for Oil Drilling", "High-grade Drawing Die Blank" and "Super Large Diameter Cutting Composite Sheet". It was selected by Zhengzhou City as the first batch of innovative pilot enterprises. Sifang Daneng has today's achievements. It is the result of continuous innovation over the years. In the future, we must persist in innovation. Without innovation, there will be no development and no future. Third, product quality is the lifeblood of enterprise development For a long time, Sifangda has continuously absorbed advanced production experience at home and abroad, and purchased a large number of world-class inspection and testing equipment such as ultrasonic scanner, imported drop hammer test machine and VTL wear resistance test platform. To ensure product quality stability. The company participated in the formulation of national standards such as “synthetic diamond polycrystalline crystal for superabrasive abrasive products”, “synthetic diamond polycrystalline for superabrasive products drilling” and “measurement method for composite superhard material wear ratio”. The quality management system has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification of Moody International. According to the product development life cycle characteristics and the quality control points at each stage, the corresponding quality control specifications and procedures have been formulated to ensure the excellent quality and stability of the company's products. Sex. 4. Adapting to the trend of the times is the direction of enterprise development With the deepening of technology research and development, composite super-hard materials have great advantages in replacing traditional hard alloys. First, long service life, high hardness, low wear rate, super-hard tools The service life is several times to several hundred times of the hardness of the cemented carbide tool; Second, the processing precision is high, the loss is low, the thermal expansion coefficient is low, and the precision of the processed product is high; Third, the work efficiency is high, and the composite superhard tool can adopt a higher Processing speed, at the same time due to long life and low replacement frequency, the downstream customers' work efficiency and economic benefits have been significantly improved. With the continuous improvement of material properties, the products are widely used in petroleum, coal, mining, machinery, building materials, automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, defense and military industries. Efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly composite superhard materials will inevitably be used in a wider range of applications. The development of the industry is inseparable from the attention of the state and local governments. Superhard materials have been included in the strategic emerging industries by the state. Henan Province and Zhengzhou City also support the development of the superhard materials industry. Henan Province has formulated a rapid development plan to promote superhard materials, guiding and supporting key enterprises to form industries. Clusters help sub-hard materials companies to achieve rapid industrialization of results through a clustered industrial environment and a professional service system. Zhengzhou City has a large number of research institutes and national laboratories engaged in research on the application of superhard materials. The region has abundant power supply, low labor cost and comprehensive transportation system. At present, the region has formed a cluster of superhard materials and products. Advantage. To do business is like having a race on the arena. You need to go all out and need to persist. Only in this way can we achieve sustainable development of the company, let us work together and write a new chapter in the development of the world's composite superhard materials!

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