Thoughts on the Sustainable Development of Superhard Material Products Enterprises

Yin Yuhang, Chairman of Guangdong Benlang New Materials Co., Ltd. I think that the sustainable development of super-hard materials products companies can be discussed from the following aspects: First, the industry knows that I remembered it at a symposium a few years ago. Five words to summarize our industry: small, scattered, low, no, wide. Small: small scale; scattered: wide distribution; low: low threshold; no: there is no set of strict standards to measure some of the performance indicators of the product, at best there are only some standards of appearance and size, and these standards are used to identify the pros and cons of the product. There is no very important practical significance. Guang: The so-called wide refers to a wide range of uses. Today's super-hard materials and products have been widely used in machine tools, building materials, stone, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, geological drilling, aerospace and other aspects. These are all some of my previous understandings, and in the face of the development of super-hard materials under the new situation, we can also learn from the other words: new, special, green. New: I think that the super-hard materials industry is an emerging industry. Especially with the rapid development of China's economy and technology, the new field of industry development will be continuously expanded. Therefore, the prospect of the super-hard materials industry is very optimistic. Special: Superhard material is used as a processing tool in the application field. Its excellent performance has almost become an irreplaceable product for the processing of materials such as stone, machinery and hardware. Therefore, it is also unique. Green: It is green. In the process of replacing super-hard materials with traditional abrasives, the prospect of super-hard materials will be more broad with the increasing emphasis on energy-saving and emission reduction in China's industrialization process. So strictly speaking, the entire superhard material industry is a sunrise industry with green environmental protection and energy conservation. Second, the industrial chain super-hard materials industry has formed a complete industrial chain in the process of continuous development. For example, from the upstream of some raw materials: graphite, pyrophyllite, binders to downstream applications: machine tools, hardware, stone, exploration, shipbuilding, photovoltaic, aerospace and so on. Although the scale is not large, the irreplaceable role in the national economy has also been clearly reflected. Among them, production equipment is a crucial link to promote the development of the entire industry. Because of the advancement of technology and the application of new technologies, it can be clearly reflected on the equipment. On this issue, I can give an example: On the one hand, the super-hard materials industry is a high-tech industry recognized by the society, and even a considerable number of enterprises are high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program, but they are in the company's production workshop. Like a labor-intensive business, the important reason for this very embarrassing situation is in production equipment. Third, domestic and international markets In terms of single crystals, China's single crystals account for 90% to 95% of the world's total. More and more foreign companies are turning their attention to the Chinese market. There is a common trend in the entire international environment: the focus of the super-hard materials industry is constantly gathering in China. However, we should also see that the market share of China's high-end products in the international market is very small, and even the Chinese companies are not seen. I think this should be an issue that the industry is constantly exploring. Fourth, the integration of resources and resource integration is the decision to optimize the configuration. It is to re-allocate related resources according to the development strategy and market demand of the enterprise, to highlight the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and to seek the best combination of resource allocation and customer demand. The purpose is to enhance the competitive advantage of the company and improve the customer service level through organizational system arrangement and management operation coordination. With the continuous influx of capital power, the industry will face enormous challenges and pressures, which will encourage more managers of enterprises to correctly grasp the situation and make correct decisions. V. The role of industry associations In recent years, industry associations have become increasingly influential in the development of the entire industry. In summary, the association needs to deal with two things first. External: We must strive for the encouragement of some national policies and improve the dominant position of the industry in the national economy; internally: we must coordinate the dependence between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and research institutes, and deal with the problems that the industry always encounters. Therefore, as a company, we should also closely cooperate with the various work of the association. Only by letting the association understand the status quo of the industry objectively and in-depth, is it more conducive to the development of industry work. (organized according to the recording file)

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