Vibrators and bearings are key parts of vibration machinery

Vibrators and bearings are key parts of vibration machinery

AC motor frequency conversion speed control is one of the methods of controlling the soft start of the belt conveyor by using electric power drag, which has the advantages of wide speed range, high precision and so on. It is through the continuous change of the frequency of the asynchronous motor stator power, so as to adjust the output speed of the motor. At present, the industrial inverters have a wide range of specifications, and vector speed control technology is basically adopted, so that the controlled motors exhibit excellent speed regulation characteristics and satisfactory load capacity, and can meet the requirements of belt conveyor acceleration and deceleration. In the cement production process, most of the raw materials must be broken, such as limestone, clay, iron ore, and coal. Limestone is a raw material for producing large amounts of cement. After mining, it has a large grain size and high hardness. Therefore, it needs to be crushed by a crusher, and the sand making machine has a prominent effect in cement production. Limestone occupies an important position in the material crushing of cement plants. Counterattack type crushers mainly rely on impact energy to complete crushing materials.

During operation, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port and is crushed by the impact, shear, and grinding action of the high-speed moving hammer to achieve the ideal strength of the raw material for cement production. Although the market for some of the equipment in the crusher equipment market is still large, some of the resources on the market are still in short supply. Among them, the recent crushing inspections have led to severe shortage of crushing equipment in many areas. For the market, customers are generally confused, the recent market conditions have not flourished in the peak season, customers can only wait and see market dynamics to say. In summary, it is expected that the price of the domestic broken market will continue to fluctuate in the short term. After supplementing, it is known that the crusher is better than a large crusher. Adjust the crushing ratio by adjusting the size of the discharge opening. In order to pursue a large crushing ratio, adjust the discharge port as small as possible. This is unsuitable because when the discharge port is too small, a large amount of broken material is squeezed into the discharge port, resulting in plugging of the discharge port.

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