There is a ten-door purchase for cabinets that are not afraid of profiteers

Due to the rapid growth of the cabinet industry, operators with conditions, conditions, understanding, and understanding of the cabinets have come to the stage to follow suit, and should be identified in the following ten aspects.

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1. Pay attention to the recognition of the factory's production capacity---small workshop or big factory

Many manufacturers' production equipment is simple, and mostly manual operation (3-5 million yuan equipment), followed by a set of one, relying on customer prepayments purchase, rely on the move of bricks + contractor production, to "lower than others" Say win customers. Cabinets are a collection of customized products, which not only meet the different needs of a household, but also follow batch industrialization and standardized production. Such a systematic and complex product requires that cutting boards, drilling, edge sealing and assembly must be available. Panel furniture production line.

Precautions: First of all, you should carefully inquire whether it has a factory. Where is the factory? What kind of equipment? Whether you can visit the factory, you do not give up by being congested. The second is to look at the fineness of the edge and edge of the sheet, to see if the product sheet is not surrounded by edges, usually small workshops are only the edge of the visible surface, this will cause the plate to easily absorb moisture in the wet kitchen; the third is to see The hole drilling process on the side wall of the cabinet, including the hinge mounting holes, is inaccurate and porous.

2. Note on the identification of fake foreign brands --- foreign brands or local goods

The design concept of European cabinets has guided the trend of the world's cabinets. Therefore, many manufacturers have used foreign names, used blinding propaganda and marketing, and have advocated German and Italian technology or cabinet brands from internationalization, but in fact they are authentic local goods. Local products have nothing to do with the brand of cabinets in advanced countries in Germany and Italy. They are purely a means of marketing with concepts. They make you confused and misunderstood that foreign goods cost a lot.

Precautionary measures: Users should be clear about the quality assurance and origin of the product when purchasing. Do not be crowned with a foreign name to spend money on high-end goods.

3. Be alert to agents hanging sheep to sell dog meat - authentic brands or private flying orders

There are more and more franchise dealers in the cabinet market; in order to pursue better survival and profitability, the agents usually transfer some of the cabinet orders to small factories for production. This kind of “hanging sheepskin to sell dog meat” method in the cabinet The industry is called "flying orders," and other agents use countertops and door panels to send them from headquarters. Then they will tamper with the cabinets that are easily overlooked by you. You are not a person in the industry, so it is difficult to find problems. You should be vigilant for this behavior.

Precautionary measures --- In the signing of the bill should indicate that all materials must be directly produced and provided by the original factory, and shipped directly to the installation site for unpacking and assembly, but with a penalty of penalties for the penalty of the contract, and request the head office Complaints and oversight calls to contact the headquarters after installation.

4. Pay attention to identify the true and false plate materials - focus on the real brand and source of the plate

The kitchen is closely related to people's dietary life, and the requirements for plates are even higher. Regular manufacturers will use branded materials, both through authoritative environmental testing and branded material use certificates. There are a lot of cupboard brands imprinting their own cupboard brands on the plates as anti-counterfeit signs, often shifting your attention to the real brands and sources of the plates, and are most likely to be shoddy; consumers must not forget to ask when purchasing. And check the relevant proofs.

Precautionary measures: You should pay attention to obtain the written material proof, investigate the real material brand, it is best to call the material supplier to determine the authenticity of the selected cabinet materials.

5. Low-priced products also have quality assurance - really low price or really bad

Among the cabinet makers and cabinet makers, there are the banner of "cheaper cheaper" and the one-cent-for-money one-for-one goods. They think "low price = inferior". Other manufacturers attract customers by arranging "the same price is low," and use inferior materials to reduce costs. In fact, 5,000 yuan to buy a set and 50,000 yuan to buy a set of cabinets, there is a difference between luxury and practical, but can not be inferior and do not meet the standards as low-cost reasons. Consumers should rationally use cost-effective methods to buy cabinets, so as to promote the healthy development of the cabinet industry, so that some of the raw products can not be exploited.

Precautionary measures: When purchasing, you may wish to pay attention to opening doors and drawers. If you look at them, high-quality products will not be precise. However, inferior products are often rough, and they may be inflexible or even slightly abrasive. All of these require you to carefully inquire before buying, you can not buy back a set of crude, unprotected products for the sake of cheap.

6. Cannot listen to oral quotes and promises

Is there a detailed cabinet configuration list and price list? Is there a quality pledge? When you can't get a detailed price list and material configuration list, when you are tempted to dictate ultra-low prices and high configuration to attract you, such "transparency" sales methods, even if you are cheap, should be vigilant. On the one hand, don't make extra layers when recording, but there is no basis for the problem.

Precautionary Measures: Request a list of system configurations, price lists, and quality commitments

7. Pay attention to the way of price checking - whether the price is reasonable

At present, there are two ways of unit price recording and deferred rice price recording in the cabinet market. First, the unit price recording is a common cabinet price in the international market. It is based on the consumption of product unit materials and is fair and reasonable. However, the price is more complicated. The second is that Yanmei's price is a common quotation method in the market, which is quick and easy, but it is easy to have many configuration uncertainties. Green reminds you to pay attention to the contents of the configuration list, such as the contents of the drawers, upright poles in each M cabinet; drawers and handles are the basic configuration not to be another charge. Second, we must pay attention to the ratio of the price of the floor cabinets and wall cabinets. Some businesses are interested in pricing cabinets at a low price and raising the price of cabinets. Because the kitchen is usually more cabinets than cabinets, if you are only to do the cabinet to pay more attention.

Precautionary Measures: Pay attention to whether or not the price ratio between the wall cabinet and the floor cabinet is reasonable.

8. There is a lot of water promised in big words - it's too hard to cash out

Some brands boasted such things as five-year warranty, fake fines, artificial stone breakage of less than 1%, and so on. These big slogans are not objectively induced, undoubtedly indicating that these manufacturers are immature and quick-money. Some companies are still uncertain about whether they can survive, so how promises are to attract customers, rather than consider to really do it; second, the so-called fake one-thousand-one-your-owners promises to be more meticulously designed for grandstanding, because many accessories and Materials are marked with their own cabinet brands, and in fact there are very few companies that produce both cabinets and raw materials and accessories. The third is to propagate the proportion of man-made stone fracture below 1% is also not realistic misleading; artificial stone countertops are thermoplastic materials, hot rising and shrinking is obvious, and led to cracking summed up for a variety of reasons, such as: material, bonding process, Corner treatment, hole opening method, installation of expansion joints, heat insulation of cookers, and the use of plates and improper use.

Precautionary measures: The establishment of a real brand relies on tireless efforts, painstaking efforts and dedication to serve customers. Businesses need to devote their energy to product quality and after-sales system is a powerful guarantee. Consumers should not be attracted by these marketing big words, and they should rationally look at some big and unrealistic promises.

9. Can't listen to the designer's recommendation --- really recommend or collaborate

At present, most of the decoration designers are profitable or not? How much profit? As a prerequisite for selecting and recommending cabinets. Some small workshops and some cabinet companies lacking market competitiveness rely on high compensation (10-20%) to negotiate with the decorating company's designers or engineering captains so that they can obtain recommendations from their customers. For service standards, cabinet companies with good products and good reputation only pay a reasonable amount of compensation (generally less than 5%) to the designers' recommendations, but they are not really recommended by designers.

Precautionary measures: So when you are buying, you should participate in the purchase rather than fully obey.

10. Service also depends on effectiveness

In the process of choosing cabinets, you will surely hear the promise of “good after-sales service”. How to serve for quality? Reliable service? Even if you are on call, you cannot solve the actual problem. No one will be willing to accept such service. Being able to say that the art of doing business does not mean that you are sincere and that solving problems is particularly important. Therefore, service must be both honest and creditable, and it must also focus on practical results.

Preventive measures: Pay attention to whether or not there is standardized management and form a set of "post-sale protection commitments." Although there are systematic arrangements in terms of time, the quality of product maintenance is more secure.

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