Home improvement business services will be standardized

In response to the phenomena of uneven service levels and counterfeit brand names in the home improvement industry, a few days ago, the drafting of the Domestic Trade Standards of the "Home Furnishing Home Furnishing Industry Service Standards" approved by the Ministry of Commerce has officially started and is scheduled to be completed in November 2012.

According to Wang Min, vice president of the China Federation of Commerce, the standard is the first domestic trade standard for the home improvement industry in China. It covers a wide range of areas and will solve the uneven level of service in the home improvement industry. The quality of the decoration cannot be guaranteed, and the home improvement market lacks standards. And other issues; and for the home improvement industry, the use of inferior materials, counterfeit brand names, charges confusion and other issues of the proposed provisions.

Wang Min stated that the standard content is numerous and the drafting work has just started. The specific content needs to be finalized after various investigations, discussions, discussions, coordination, and other procedures.

Tan Xinzheng, deputy director of the China Merchants Association retail supplier professional committee responsible for collecting work, told reporters that the standard is still being drafted. The number of places will be collected according to the types of enterprises, including 8 to 11 home and home improvement companies, 3 to 5 home improvement companies, 1 to 3 trade associations, 5 to 7 homes and home furnishing stores, and 1 to 2 marketing plans.

Although the company has not yet issued a corresponding invitation, Tan Xinzheng revealed that the well-known home furnishing companies such as Red Star Macalline, Home Furnishing, and Boloni are all included in the invitation.

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