Saint Hui Lai solar flexible thin film battery thickness only hair thousandths of the wire

On the morning of March 14, the reporter saw in the Shenghui Lai (Jurong) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. that the company's first batch of solar flexible thin-film batteries was successfully off the assembly line. Gao Liang, founder of the company, told reporters that the total amount of orders exceeded the current production capacity by 10 times, and the first batch of products will be sent to the United States by the end of March.

Gao Liang introduced that the solar flexible thin-film battery coating machine is the core production equipment of Shenghuilai. Currently, there are only 3 sets in the world, of which 2 are in Jurong and the other is in Nanjing Laboratory. As the world's first production base, two production lines in St. Hui's intelligent workshop are making production orders without interruption. Every 10 seconds, there will be a 6-inch electronic board, from coating machine to circuit printing machine and punching. Baking production line and testing installation, automation, intelligence throughout the entire production process. The thickness of the film is only one thousandth of the thickness of the hair. Each electronic board will be printed positively and negatively. The two printed circuits must be completely overlapped, so automation and intelligence are essential. In the production area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters, there are only more than 20 staff members, 15 of whom are senior engineers from the United States and Sweden.

Gao Liang and the reporter calculated an account: the past 30 years, the new energy market has been occupied by crystalline silicon solar energy, but the production cost of crystalline silicon solar 1W is 0.4 to 0.5 US dollars, solar energy conversion rate of about 17%. The 1GS production cost of the CIGS flexible film solar cell can be reduced to 0.3 US dollars, the estimated solar energy conversion rate can reach 25%, and there will be an annual increase of 1% to 1.5%, up to 31% The conversion rate and the production process are also very environmentally friendly.

"Foreseeable that in the next three years, Jurong will become the world's largest CIGS soft film solar cell production base." Highlighted.

1. Use Surface Mount System to install electron component. High quality stable and more quality consistency.

2. Pass germany TUV testing, have EMC and LVD certificate.

3. The AC input power voltage is made between 85V to 240V. So it could select AC input voltage automatically. You could work in AC USA 110V or AC europe 220-240V.

4. CEL: Cellulose electrode is special electrode to lay big pipe on oil and chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, civil pipeline of oil, gas, water. They need high ilder voltage (more than 90V). This machine could do

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