Villa design how to renovate rural villas within 150,000 yuan

Friends now want to build a villa. Our decoration home network has a related rural villa method of less than 150,000 yuan. Can a rural villa within 150,000 yuan be successfully renovated? If you don't believe it, let's look at the introduction of Xiaobian. What are the design methods for rural villas within 150,000 yuan, which are the key points for the renovation of rural villas within 150,000 yuan, and what are the expenses for rural villas within 150,000 yuan.


First, the design of rural villas

1, determine the decorative personality

If we have no doubt about the quality of our villas, let's start thinking about how to decorate the villa. Xiao Bian advocates that we should choose a villa decoration company that has many years of villa decoration experience, and then communicate with the planners to determine the villa decoration personality we want.

2, set the furniture

Some villa owners may ask, shouldn't they be optimistic about the furniture and then think about the personality of the villa decoration? Actually it is not. If you look at the furniture and then decorate your personality, you will usually find out later that furniture and personality may not be appropriate, and the most important thing is the selection of furniture. In this respect, it is still necessary to listen to the villa planner's claim. In the villa decoration, the larger the space, the harder it is to grasp the scale of the furniture.

3, dress up home

After the inspection is completed, it is the demand for the owner to gradually dress up their own villa. Xiaobian advocates that we usually have a larger and more standardized villa decoration company, which will be equipped with a professional soft-packing planner. In the later stage of the villa deployment, we can select a soft-packing planner to help us make suggestions. The color matching is very familiar, which makes our villa personality more transparent.

Second, rural villa decoration methods

1, the living room

Because the rural house land does not need to buy money, so the living room is generally made very large, then you need to put it well. One is to put a large LCD TV, the second is to set up an entertainment machine is the mahjong table, the third is to put a big coffee table, and then a set of sofas, the sofa is also made by yourself, beautiful and practical, because the rural people are Hospitality, there are many guests, so the sofa is very important.

2, divided into several rooms

Don't just divide two rooms, not before. Remember that in the past, Chinese New Year guests crowded into a room for a long time, even on the ground. Now that the house is oversized, it is divided into several rooms, and guests can arrange a room at home.


Third, the details of rural villa fees

Decoration material price

1. 40% to 45% of the total price. Material costs account for a large proportion, which is also the main reason for the impact of cost. The more the decoration investment, the greater the proportion of material costs. In the market, there are many types of decoration materials, and the grades and quality are very different. What grade of decoration materials determine the level of renovation costs. The renovation project and engineering quantity are the direct factors affecting the cost. Such as: cabinets, ceilings, shapes, etc., will affect the cost.

2. Labor costs. The total labor cost is paid for each person's daily labor × number of people and the number of days. It accounts for about 18% to 25% of the cost.

3, paint and paint. Including wall paint, kitchen and bathroom waterproof coating, plaster corner paint, etc. The total price is about 57,730 yuan.

4. Water and electricity. Including: 32mm PPR hot water pipe, 25mm PPR hot water pipe, gas pipe, etc., the total price is about 50,652 yuan.

Guest restaurant partial decoration price

1, modeling smallpox. Wood keel 4cm splint, paint is another, 148 yuan / square meter.

2. The top surface and the wall surface are dusty. Use putty three times, 10 yuan / square meter.

3, the top surface and the wall surface painting. Nippon water-based paint, one bottom and two sides, 110 yuan / square meter.

4, TV cabinet customization. At around 1600 yuan.

5, shoe cabinet customization. According to different materials, around 1900 yuan.

Regarding the success of the renovation of rural villas within 150,000 yuan, our friends can learn from the contents of the article, about the list of some expenses for the rural villas within 150,000 yuan, Xiaobian has introduced to everyone, I hope to help you. There is also a focus on the decoration of rural villas within 150,000 yuan. Our decoration home network also has decorative information, so stay tuned.

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