How much is a 3D floor a square 3D floor in the end where

With the development of the times, more and more people like to choose the kind of 3d version of the thing, this kind of thing is more able to achieve that kind of clear and beautiful effect, because of these advantages, so people can also popularize this Kind of floor to come. Following small to tell you about how much money one square floor 3D and 3D floor Fortunately, what in the end.

How much is a square 3D floor ?

1. When it comes to 3D floor prices, it actually ranges from a few yuan to a few tens of yuan per square meter. It also depends on your selection of products, brands, and materials that will affect prices.

2, if you choose the floor it's price is 10 yuan per square meter, then it will contain formaldehyde, easy to worry about. It is recommended not to cover leather, because it is a chemical synthesis product, and its odor and pollution are comparatively strong. The concrete floor was covered with a little foam floor in the winter (the supermarket sells, and in the summer there is nothing to spread). If the economic conditions are good, we suggest that you choose to use wood flooring.

3, if there are elderly people and children in the family, here are individuals who are advised to do a slip test when buying.

4. In fact, from the above introduction, it can be seen that when 3D flooring is selected, it is more appropriate to go to a regular store to purchase, so as to better ensure the quality of the 3D floor. And 3d floor has a lot more than ordinary floor, then the cost will be much higher than using ordinary floor.

Where is the 3D floor?

1. First, you need to know this product. It is an interior design company from Dubai recently introduced a 3D toilet floor. Using it, it can make your bathroom a “sea.” The surface of the 3D floor is also made of a strong and durable coating. If properly installed, it can maintain its effect for a long period of time. The color and lubricity can be maintained forever. Moreover, this floor is an environmentally friendly product with no pungent odor.

2, 3D floor This can also be designed as a swimming dolphins in the sea, it can be a coral reef or a sandy beach, the effect is realistic. It is reported that this design company can also provide tailor-made designs for customers. It can also be used as a part of a beach or even a kitchen or living room. This will give you a home version of the "ocean."

3, this product is also through the angle of the picture and multiple transparent layers, 3D floor it can do to make the bathroom and kitchen a realistic dream of the sea or a beautiful beach. Regardless of which way you look at, this picture is so vivid. In recent years, this kind of renovation has been applied to some shopping and buildings. Nowadays, 3D flooring has begun to enter the home improvement market. This 3D effect is also a trend of modern decoration.

Summary: On the 3D floor, how much money a square and 3D floor in the end what the relevant content is introduced to this, from the above description we can see that 3D floor is still a lot of advantages, especially the kind of realistic picture, so that more and more home improvement I started using it.

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