Bedroom wallpaper, what color is good, bedroom wallpaper color matching

The bedroom is the place for us to rest and sleep, so the walls of the bedroom need to be carefully selected when choosing the wallpaper. Some color combinations are very important, otherwise it will affect the quality of our sleep, then what is the color of the bedroom wallpaper? How to match the color of the bedroom wallpaper? If you want to know about it, then let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, what is the color of the bedroom wallpaper?

Metallic color

It is understood that with the maturity of the magic printing technology, the metallic feel of the metallic wallpaper is more intense, highlighting the extravagance brought by the metallic sense. This type of color wallpaper is usually used in indoor spaces where the home space is large to show the effect of such wallpapers. Because metallic wallpapers are flamboyant, the decorating crowd is increasingly fond of its understated luxury style, and metallic wallpapers have shined in recent years.

2. Neutral color

Among them, the color wallpaper design will be more inclined to the chocolate color and the brown color. The combination of the two colors gives a mysterious and elegant, steady and warm feeling, and the owner can express the romantic feeling in the bedroom through them. Neutral color is one of the more colors used by designers because of its warm and bright features.

3. Pink

Its pink gives a feeling of elegance and freshness, which is commonly used in bedroom decoration. Psychology, pink can make people feel emotionally relaxed, and its easy-to-match features have been widely used by designers for interior decoration.

4. Cool and warm colors

The color of the wallpaper is divided into cool and warm colors. The cool colors are mainly blue, green and gray; the warm colors are mainly red and yellow. We must first determine the main color of the bedroom, that is, the combination of the ceiling, the wall, and the ground, which can be based on personal preference. The color of the wallpaper should match the furniture, curtains and carpets, so that it will appear harmonious and unified. It is recommended to use the lower brightness color to facilitate the relaxation of the brain.


Second, the bedroom wallpaper color matching

1. For the room in the morning sun, you can use the colder tone to ease the temperature of the room; while the shaded room, you can choose the warm color wallpaper to increase the room's sense of clarity. For living space, restaurants and other places where people have more activities, bright and warm colors should be used to mobilize people's emotions. The bedroom, study, meditation people need space, are advised to use lower brightness or color cool color to make people focus on focus on thinking, peaceful float or manic mood.

2. The pattern and color of some styles of wallpaper may be liked by you, but when it is spread out in a large area, the effect may not be very good, or it may be inconsistent with the overall style of the room and furniture. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper, first determine the style that you like, and then proceed from the color, pattern, characteristics of the wallpaper, generally different rooms of the wallpaper should use different colors and colors.

There are a lot of things that need to be noticed when decorating the walls of the house, especially the walls of our bedroom. So what is the color of the bedroom wallpaper and how to match the color of the bedroom wallpaper? Everyone has read the introduction of the above small series. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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