Socket safety door purchase tips socket safety door installation precautions

For each of us, the commonly used is the socket security door, the socket product, we will not feel strange, many decoration friends when they encounter the switch socket, do not know how to choose, so it will be very confused . So how do we choose the socket security door? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the socket security door purchase tips and installation precautions!


Socket security door purchase tips?

1, purchase channels

When consumers buy power outlets, don't be greedy, so that regular large-scale chain stores, hypermarkets or electrical city stores can buy and keep shopping vouchers.

2, look for the brand

Try to buy large brand outlets that have passed the test of time and market. Whether it is raw material selection or R&D production, they have a complete and strict quality assurance system. In contrast, the brand outlet and the cottage brand outlet are not only lacking.

The fixed production address and professional R&D, production and testing equipment are seriously missing the strict quality control standards.

3, look at the appearance

Manufacturers and product information on the packaging of qualified sockets are complete. Some unqualified sockets are packaged in a simple manner. The basic manufacturer and product information are missing. It is the production date on the product packaging. The production date is not marked on the packaging of more inferior socket products. Unqualified socket. In addition, the qualified socket housing panel is finely finished, the housing and the jack side are free of burrs, the jack size is symmetrical, and the poor quality socket housing is rough.

4, choose materials

Comparing the socket requires looking at its materials and materials. The copper in the switch socket is equivalent to their heart and determines its service life. Most switch sockets use bare copper, but they are not wear resistant.

It is easy to rust. If it is used for a long time, the electrical and thermal conductivity will be degraded, so the service life will not be very long. In the long run, it is prone to burnout and has safety hazards. Pay attention to the choice of tin phosphor bronze sheet, which has good elasticity, anti-fatigue and non-oxidation, especially after pickling phosphating and anti-oxidation treatment.

5, wiring

Need to pay attention to its wiring, the loose power cord of the switch socket will damage the life and use of the appliance, and may even cause dangerous accidents. Therefore, the design of a larger space, the power cord with different thickness can be connected to avoid the risk of loosening and falling off, and the three-eye socket can be used to protect our safety.

Socket safety door installation precautions:

1. The installation height of the socket should be installed according to the design requirements when the design is specified; when the design is not clear, it should generally meet: the socket with the safety door is not less than 0.3M; the socket without the safety door is not low and 1.8M; It is recommended to purchase sockets with safety gates as much as possible, as the prices are not much different.


2. Sealed waterproof and splash-proof sockets should be used in the bathroom or other wet places. (Note: The socket with safety door is a plastic baffle (safety door) in front of the general metal socket. The three-hole socket, when the plug is inserted, the grounding pile head (slightly long) is inserted into the hole first. The mechanism inside the socket opens the other two hole doors. The two hole sockets must be inserted into the socket pile head at the same time, and the safety door can be opened to prevent the child from accidentally inserting the metal object to cause a safety accident.

3. When the socket is installed, its panel should be straight and close to the wall. And the wiring (phase) should be in accordance with: single-phase two-hole socket, facing the right hole or upper hole of the socket to connect the phase line (fire line); the left or lower hole is connected to the zero line; single-phase three-hole socket, facing the right of the socket The hole is connected to the phase line (L, fire line), the left hole is connected to the neutral line (N), and the upper hole is connected to the ground line (PE).

Because it involves the more dangerous thing of "electricity", if you don't install it yourself, please ask the professional to help install it safely. The above is the introduction of Xiaobian today, and it is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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