What are the hydraulic villa elevators? Working principle of hydraulic villa elevator

The hydraulic villa elevator gradually fades out of the scope of application over time and is currently only used as a freight elevator. Hydraulic villa elevators have a lower market share, and people naturally eliminate them. The generations of our generation may have disappeared without any use, and the times are improving. Then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the wonderful introduction of the exciting content of the hydraulic villa elevator.


With the development of China's social economy, consumers' awareness and demand for villa elevators has been rising. People are pursuing a higher quality and more luxurious home life. The elevator is a must-have household equipment for the villa, and it is a symbol of fashion and identity. At present, hydraulic villa elevators are being replaced by more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safer traction villa elevators.

First, what are the shortcomings of the hydraulic villa elevator in the end that it is gradually eliminated?

1. The hydraulic villa elevator oil seal has a stagnation of oil leakage after several years of use, resulting in oil pollution in the living room, even the volatilization of the oil will produce a strong smell, neither environmental protection is harmful to the human body;

2. Relying on the oil pump to work, the ball valve adjusts the oil quantity to achieve speed regulation, high energy consumption and no energy saving;

3. The so-called automatic leveling of power failure is actually relying on the oil pump to release oil and pressure to make the car slowly descend to the bottom floor, manually open the door, and use the wheelchair for operation and inconvenience;

4. The hydraulic villa elevator must set up a hydraulic pump station room for the hydraulic pump station next to the hoistway, which wastes space;

5. The hydraulic villa elevator will not sink for a long time, causing unevenness, which has potential safety hazards for wheelchairs and elderly children entering and leaving the car;

6. When the elevator descends, there is the sound of hydraulic oil draining; the hydraulic cylinder will be restarted repeatedly after a period of time, which will cause sound source pollution;

7. The maintenance cost is high and it is easy to leak oil;

8. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the general hydraulic villa elevator will change due to the difference of temperature. The high temperature will affect the safety of the use and affect the efficiency and safety of the elevator operation .

9. Place the hydraulic pump station on the ground floor. Once the water enters, the consequences are unimaginable, which will cause serious damage to the users of the hydraulic villa elevator.


Second, the working principle

Hydraulic drive, traction drive

The hydraulic villa elevator belongs to the traditional home elevator design and is used in large quantities in North America and Europe.

However, because the oil spill pollutes the environment, the operation noise is too loud, and a lot of power is wasted, it does not meet the development concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in the modern elevator industry, such as passenger hydraulic elevators, which are being phased out, and have been in the world for more than a decade. Within the scope, its sales volume has dropped sharply, accounting for less than 3%, and most of them are used for freight elevators or special elevators with large tonnage.

The machine room villa elevator is being used by people because of environmental protection and energy saving and saving building space. Like the passenger elevator, according to the report of "World Elevator" magazine, in 2010, the machine room elevator will account for 60% of the global elevator sales. ·

How about, read the wonderful introduction of the hydraulic villa elevator above, is not a clearer understanding of the hydraulic villa elevator, I hope you can benefit a lot, deaf, and create a more perfect home living environment, well, today The introduction of Xiaobian is here. Thank you for your reading of this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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