Ten brand-name integrated ceiling how do we choose

Nowadays ceilings are very common decoration materials. The ceilings can make our homes look more cozy. With the development of society, there are more and more brands of ceilings. Do you know what are the ceiling brands? To introduce to you is the top ten brand name integrated ceiling and how we choose.

Ten brand-name integrated ceiling

1. Keltini KD integrated ceiling

Among the top ten branded integrated ceilings , Keltyni KD is one of the most influential brands in the integrated high ceiling kitchen industry in China. It is the first manufacturer of ceilings and tiles.

2. AIA integrated ceiling

AIA belongs to the Zhejiang brand. In the integrated ceiling industry, AIA made great achievements. AIA invented the integrated ceiling, which is the pioneer of the integrated ceiling industry. He has mastered 95 percent of the core technology is the leader in the integrated ceiling. By.

3. Today's top integrated ceiling

This is one of the brands of Jiaxing Jinding Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in 2006 and is one of the top ten integrated ceilings of integrated ceilings in China. It has become a dazzling star in the ceiling industry.

4. Mage dragon integrated ceiling

Master Dragon is a well-known trademark in China. Master Dragon's corporate strength is very strong. Products are strictly in accordance with international production standards. Each product inspection must be qualified. Master Dragon products have been well received by many consumers.

5. Character integrated ceiling

Among the top ten brand-name integrated ceilings , Pingge set has always been produced with high-quality materials and precision processing. It has won national honorable enterprises such as quality and trustworthy enterprises and quality management and other award-winning companies among top 10 Chinese kitchen and bathroom ceilings.

6. Aohua integrated ceiling

Zhejiang Aohua specializes in the production of Aohua brand integrated ceilings, ventilation fans, heaters, Yuba and other home appliances professional production companies. Quality services and products Superior quality sets a good product image and reputation in the Ningbo market.

7. Aopu integrated ceiling

Over the years, Aopu Integrated Ceiling Company has obtained nearly 150 national patents, and has passed a number of international certifications. Aopu has received favorable comments from consumers for its excellent product quality and good after-sales service.

8. Rongsheng integrated ceiling

Rongsheng integrated ceiling is based on integrated ceiling products and provides products with advanced design, functionality, humanization and intelligence for people who are constantly pursuing fashionable life.

9. Merkelt integrated ceiling

Melkert is determined to continue to innovate Zhu Liwei kitchen space field, with profound heritage, leading the industry technology, build quality, innovation, fashion, technology, modern health chefs, and achieved the quality of life of consumers.

10. Chuchu integrated ceiling

Chu Qiao limited company is specialized in kitchen and bathroom appliances and integrated ceiling products. It has CUCU Chuchu ceiling and Yuba two product series. Chuchu has a considerable sales market in the integrated ceiling industry.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the top ten brand name integrated ceiling for everyone to introduce and how we should choose, ceiling must be selected brand ceiling, in order to bring warm to our home, hope that the above introduction can help you, such as Need to know more Please continue to pay attention to this site.

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