Microsoft develops a new technology charger device

Microsoft develops a new technology charger device

What should I do if my mobile phone has no electricity and no mobile power? There is light on the line. Also a new technology charger device developed by Microsoft researchers is the technology that automatically locates and charges smart phones on the table. The prototype charger manufactured by the researchers can be installed on the ceiling. There are two work modules: a monitoring module, which uses Microsoft's Kinect camera, can scan objects like a smart phone; the other is the charging mode. UltraFire CREE XM-L T6 to focus the LED light.

The charger will continue to rotate until it detects an object that looks like a smartphone, and then uses the beam generated by the solar power technology to remotely charge the smartphone. The charger can connect with the mobile phone via Bluetooth to ensure that it stops when it is fully charged. The device can also automatically shut down within 50 milliseconds after it recognizes that an object is present between it and the smartphone, causing interference with the charging.

Of course, this is only a prototype product, but researchers claim that it now takes only seconds to monitor the device to be charged, and that wireless charging is as fast as existing wired charging. (Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Guangkai)

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