Imitate the LED chandeliers that run in the solar system.

The weather is getting colder, and in addition to adding clothing to keep out the cold and the necessary heating, it is indispensable to create some warm atmosphere at home. Many times, a glimmer of light can often bring a warmth to the entire house. On Christmas Day and New Year's Day, especially for many owners who have just renovated their new homes, it is best to buy some "soft" jewelry such as lamps. In this issue, the author collects several unique and unique lightings from various supermarkets, which is the “magic weapon” for you to order.


Solar system trendy concept chandelier

This chandelier is designed with the solar system's running style as the lampshade, and the light-transparent glass material is used as the lampshade. The wrought-iron area around the lampshade mimics the trajectory of the planet around the sun. It is very interesting and suitable for the modern minimalist style family. Putting a small LED bulb, the whole body is bright, and the warm yellow light can warm the whole room in the winter night.


Pallet utensils antique wind table lamp

Don't think that this is a pure glass art, in fact, it is still a non-traditional table lamp. The shape is novel and unique. The designer uses the utensils of the ancient palace pottery as a blueprint, and is designed into a plate with the shape of three vessels, which makes people shine. The appearance of the gold-plated foil has old mottled traces, full of the feeling of flowing years. At night, it exudes a modern light, a combination of classic and fashion.

Tiffany style classical lighting

This table lamp exudes the essence of Tiffany style. It combines elegance and classical taste with exquisite modern craftsmanship, embellishing a gentle and elegant style for modern life. The lampshade is spliced ​​together with shells. It has rich and colorful colors, exquisite workmanship, smooth and generous patterns, and the lights are both soft and beautiful. Such a retro-inspired luminaire makes the atmosphere in the light and shadow more romantic and exotic.


Chinese hollow ceramic table lamp

This ceramic table lamp with a strong Chinese style is from Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, and is made by the hollow carving process that has been passed down for thousands of years. The hollow ceramic lamp, the porcelain itself is generally opaque material, but the lampshade is engraved with a lot of through holes, the light is illuminated through the lamp hole, and the lighting effect is full. The graceful vase shape, the bottle with a colorful lotus Guanyin map and the oak base, both highlight the historical sense and enhance the artistic value of the whole product.


Fresh and elegant vase decoration lamp

Lighting can also be a beautiful landscape in the living room, such as this lamp is like a bottle of flowers carefully prepared by the hostess, the bottle has lush branches and white delicate flowers. The bottle is a lampshade, and the bottle with a simple shape guarantees a certain light transmission while also creating a fresh and elegant world, which makes people intoxicated. With the soft light, the flowers on the decoration seem to exude a charming fragrance.

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