Aohua Ceiling Aohua Ceiling What is the key to purchase

In 1999, Aohua Electric Co., Ltd. registered a national high-tech enterprise and owned a large-scale enterprise with independent R&D. Nanjing has five sales stores.

Aohua integrated ceiling accessories are often overlooked by customers. Kitchens and toilets are high-oil, high-water vapor and high-use places. Poor auxiliary materials tend to rust and corrode and become a breeding belt for bacteria. Wooden keel and galvanized keel are slowly being eliminated. The brand uses high quality paint keel, high water resistance, guarantees smooth installation and long service life. Following Xiaobian together to see the key to the purchase of Aohua ceiling .

1. Aohua integrated ceiling appliance is the key

The electrical part mainly includes heating module, lighting module and ventilation module. The heating of bulbs has basically been eliminated, and heating and heating products are mixed. The low-end carbon fiber and ceramic PTC are used for heating, which has slow heating, easy decay, and general heating effect. At present, there is a new type of heating module on the market that is selling well: bathroom air-conditioner heaters; the bathroom air-conditioning heaters independently developed by Aohua use air-conditioning metal PTC heat source, which has rapid heating, no power attenuation, no radiation pollution, and dehumidification. Fog, a rookie for bathroom heaters. Illumination modules are easy to ignore. The fluorescent lamp life of standard three-color lamps and high-quality ballasts can be as long as three to five years, while poor lamp use is less than six months.

LED lamps also encountered similar problems. High-quality LED lamps have a service life of up to 100,000 hours, while ordinary ones do not go bad for one year. The ventilation fan is to update the indoor air, not the window can be replaced, to identify the ventilation fan is good or bad, a second sound to see the suction. The electrical appliance brand is very important, there are a lot of seemingly big brand appliances, in fact connotation mystery: next to famous brand, wipe the ball, apply the brand phenomenon. The customer went to the original appliance site for an inquiry.

2, aluminum buckle plate is not in thickness, the key material in the buckle board

It is not the thicker the better, regular manufacturers choose high-quality aluminum materials in 0.5-0.6 mm, the use of raw aluminum substrate as raw material; some gussets on the market use recycled aluminum, containing many impurities, easy to rust corrosion; surface technology is mainly Anodizing and Henkel painting process; film and brushed board have basically been eliminated; relying on this good momentum, Aohua was the first to sing the theme of “environmental protection”, took the lead in launching OLC strategy in the industry, and committed to building a better environment System, warm environment regulation system, light environment regulation system and other ten adjustment systems.

At the same time, the series of free breath series, premium series, platinum series and other series have also been combined with eco-substrate, aesthetic appreciation, distinguished experience, intelligent system and other humanized design, with healthy lighting function, unique negative ions The concept of healthy functions, healthy coatings and materials has pioneered the integration of low-consumption, low-energy consumption, low-pollution and low-emission products in the ceiling industry, creating a high-quality healthy home life for consumers.

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