Chenggang's method for refining low carbon steel wire rods obtained national patent

In November, a method for refining the structure of low-carbon steel wire declared by Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Vanadium and Titanium Engineering Technology Research Center was awarded the national invention patent.

The patent adopts a composite alloying method of titanium, vanadium and nitrogen, which utilizes different precipitation temperatures and effects of carbonitrides in steel, vanadium and nitrogen steel, and controls the rolling process under the conditions of existing steel smelting and rolling production equipment. The parameters control the precipitation of carbonitrides, refine the prior austenite grains, promote the nucleation of ferrite, and refine the structure of the wire. By increasing the nitrogen content and adding a small amount of titanium, the amount of vanadium added and the carbon content of the steel are reduced, and the action and strengthening effect of carbonitride precipitation and refining structure are fully exerted, and the high-strength, low-hardness cold-twist steel wire is obtained, and the pulling is improved. Pull performance and reduce production costs.

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Tantalum Wire also can be used for the production of coiled incandescent lamp filaments, cathode and support structures for power tubes, heating elements for high temperature furnaces and evaporation sources in metallizing processes. Thicker wire sizes, straightened, finish-ground and cut into rod pieces are widely used for glass-to-metal seal lead parts in the lighting and electronic industries.

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