How to prevent construction projects from falling into the trap

I believe many of my friends have heard of the word full-dressing, and many people are confused about what kind of concept the whole outfit is. So what's the difference between package and base? Why is the price difference between individual decoration companies' package packages? The following article will reveal these issues for everyone, hoping to help those in need.

Which construction projects are included in the renovation?

When you go to the decoration company to consult the quotation, the decoration company will provide you with many different decoration packages for you to choose. Among the many packages, the package is one of the currently recommended packages for the decoration company. The whole package contains a wide range of areas, it mainly includes the base mounted hard to soft mounted, in addition to daily necessities life appliances need to buy their own. In fact, the whole package is closer to the meaning of the whole package, the real package should be from the base to the soft package to help you get. Specifically, the package includes the following items:

1. Base installation: Main body demolishing, hydropower reform, woodworking, tiling, brushing wall paint, kitchen ceiling, cabinet installation, wooden door installation, floor installation, wallpaper wallpaper, radiator installation, switch socket installation, lighting installation, Hardware ware installation, curtain rod installation, pioneering cleaning, furniture approach, home appliance installation, home accessories.

2, hard-mounted: wire, water pipes, partitions, ceilings, doors, floors, tiles, wall paint, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, lamps, etc., inactive things.

3, soft loading: easy to replace accessories, such as curtains, sofas, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, bedding, lamps and decorative arts and crafts, home plants, etc., in fact, home appliances should also be attributed to soft. Base-loading, hard-filled overlapping areas are more, soft loading is more of a personalized decoration, the main equipment is the main material and soft equipment occupy the bulk.

How to prevent falling into the whole trap

Someone once said that the deepest routine in the world is the routine of a decoration company. It can be seen that the decoration company's water is very deep. So how should we identify the decoration company's routines? In fact, we can start with its quotation. For example, in a 100-square-meter first-tier city house, about 200,000 yuan will be packaged down. Even if the normal price, then the so-called decoration company 599,699 yuan / m2 package package, how Installed! But in fact, the decoration company is not cheating customers. Let us spit it together.

How to prevent falling into the whole trap TWO

When looking for a decoration company, you can't just look at the package prices it offers. Instead, you need to understand in depth the construction projects included in the package. Some decoration companies say that they are fully equipped. In fact, they are just basic decoration. Even internal doors and ceilings are not included. Some packaging companies have no pitfalls in terms of advertising, because their packages are configured according to the most basic configuration, in other words how many yuan "up", or in the real decoration, only according to the basic configuration Go to the decoration.

How to prevent falling into the whole trap three

Some of the decoration companies provided by the decoration company covers all the items, but they are in the context of the material, shoddy, seriously undermining the interests of the owners. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the project, everyone needs to pay attention to whether the quality of the main material they provide is excellent.

The above is related to the sharing of construction projects that are included in the renovation. It is worth noting that: When looking for a decoration company, everyone should talk about good prices and avoid adding money later. Once you fall into the trap of increase, you may have to spend more money. If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site. Later, we will present more exciting content for everyone.

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