Analyzing African Rosewood Furniture What African Rosewood Furniture May Refer to Which Wood Furniture

The name rosewood is familiar with furniture and has always been known as a high-grade precious wood. But you know that African rosewood is not necessarily high-grade. Many different African tree species can be called African rosewood. As a result, countless mahogany consumers are faint. Unscrupulous lumber merchants are about to look at trees that look much like Rosewood and are actually much less. They all climbed up to the name of rosewood. What is Burberry Furniture's analysis of African rosewood furniture today? What wood furniture may be used for African rosewood furniture ?


Speaking of African pear, first talk about Hedgehog and Rosewood

Hedgehog rosewood belongs to the rosewood genus, rosewood, and rosewood. Hedgehog rosewood is a diffuse porous material, semi-ring porous material tends to be obvious. The growth wheel is quite obvious. Heartwood orange, brick red or purple, often with dark stripes, scratches visible to the obvious; no or very weak aroma; fine structure; texture staggered.

Mainly produced in tropical Africa; other origins: Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal and other West African countries have produced.

Hedgehog rosewood is a rosewood species and is also called African rosewood because it is produced in Africa. Note: Hedgehog rosewood is called African pear or African pear in this category. It belongs to the category of Chinese redwood and it is mahogany.

However, "African rosewood," "African rosewood," and "non-flowers" are all non-standard names and are used by businesses for a variety of purposes. These non-canonical names cannot be used to refer specifically to Hedgehog rosewood. They are the concept of generalized categories;

African pear

Putting aside the relationship with the hedgehog and the red sandalwood, the so-called African pear is used to posing as mahogany and deceiving consumers. This kind of African pear used to make mahogany is actually an ordinary African hardwood. The scientific name is: Te's ancient Yi Huang,

Origin: Essingang (Cameroon); Kevazingo (Gabon); Waka (Zaire); Akume (United States); 0veng (Equatorial Guinea), commonly known as African pear, grass pear (common name that makes everyone fainted).

This Teh's ancient yellowwood wood can also be called African rosewood, but this is naked is not redwood.


Asia/Grass Pear

“African rosewood” literally means rosewood produced in Africa. However, many unscrupulous businessmen are accustomed to use African wood that does not belong to the rosewood category, such as Arborvitae, African rosewood and other Asian pears and grass pears. For "African rosewood" or "African rosewood," these African Asian pears and grass pears are inferior in the nature of wood to rosewood, and they do not meet the standards of the national standard mahogany, so they are not included in the redwood category.

The current market is generally divided into two kinds of common Asian pears, African red sandalwood (commonly known as Indian red pear) and Angola red sandalwood (commonly known as Khmer wood), both of which are also known as African Asian pear.

African rosewood summary

The difference between "African rosewood" and Hedgehog rosewood is that the Hedgehog rosewood is the real rosewood, which belongs to redwood. However, "African rosewood" is not necessarily the rosewood inside the redwood. Most of the "African rosewood" is a pear and pear flower. They are not mahogany. This is the essential difference between "African rosewood" and Hedgehog rosewood. So what the business calls "African rosewood" may be redwood hedgehog rosewood, but it may also be African non-redwood wood such as Yahua pear and Cauliflower pear.

What is African rosewood furniture you know? When buying mahogany furniture, it must be a long snack, carefully identify whether it is the wood species they want to buy. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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