Buy furniture online need to pay attention to what things

In this age of universal online shopping, buying furniture on the Internet is also nothing new. It's convenient, and secondly, online furniture prices are cheaper, and there are many online furniture models. However, online shopping can't see real products. There is generally a certain risk factor. So, what do you need to pay attention to when buying furniture online ? Omido Furniture Xiaobian tells you.


Why online shopping furniture is full of controversy

As online shopping matures, it naturally extends to the field of furniture purchase. The purchase of furniture on the Internet has always been a topic of controversy. Many people believe that small items such as digital products, cosmetics, and clothing are suitable for online shopping, while furniture and home appliances are purchased. Such large items need to be viewed in physical and quantitative dimensions. I will buy it later. However, online shopping is already a trend. For the 80s and 90s, online shopping and shopping are easy, and it has become a habit. They do not care whether they want to see physical objects. As long as they have renderings and measure a specific size, they will place orders. The reporter also saw from many online furniture stores that many colorful furniture store operations were in full swing, furniture, home furnishings, home textiles, and building materials were just as many, and they were divided into categories and well-organized. The furniture industry began to compete for power. Online shopping channel big cake is an indisputable fact.

Most online shopping furniture logistics problems

Online shopping furniture has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest problem is logistics. Although the price of furniture has caused consumers to lose some of their benefits, it is often tempting to have a headache in logistics. After all, furniture is a large item, many need to be customized, logistics time will generally be very long, and the logistics of various injuries occur in the middle is the most annoying.


Online shopping furniture quality is difficult to guarantee

Although the style of online furniture is rich and easy to compare, attracting more and more consumers to participate, but in the recent period, issues such as material falsification, size inconsistency, counterfeit brand names and other issues have been frequently reported. With the popularization and development of e-commerce, through the credit evaluation, merchant guarantees, and on-the-spot orders, cash on delivery, etc., although the degree of protection of online shopping furniture has been greatly improved, but according to Xiaobian, many stores' reputation evaluation and consumption accumulation Credits can be forged or paid for. Therefore, we do not want to be choked by a few credit diamonds. It's not like we go to a physical store to look at the color and texture of furniture, whether it feels good or not, smells and smells, and so on. Online shopping furniture alone can't be compared with one's own touch. What's more, many online shopping transactions are off-site transactions. High logistics costs and high risks are self-evident.


Online shopping furniture need to pay attention to matters

1, as experienced friends Amoy ask. Buying furniture is more than just clothes. It needs to be more cautious. It is recommended that when purchasing furniture for the first time, some online shopping furniture groups and gangs should be added to share and share with the experienced Amoy friends. Of course, some advertisements are inevitably posted, but one of them is Most of the Amoy friends are good recommendations, can be used as a reference, less detours.

2, sign a formal contract with the business. If you see the value of 10,000 yuan in the shop on the furniture, in addition to Alipay's trading process should be strictly abide by, it is also recommended for this precious furniture, the buyer is best to sign a formal contract with the business. For example, the details of the processing should be listed in the contract, and then signed by mail, in duplicate, each one.

3, determine the shipping and packaging. The shipping cost for large items of furniture is not low, and shipping costs of a few hundred dollars abound. It is recommended that the buyer must ask the seller to ask if it is free before buying, and also ask the customer service for the details of the packaging and installation.

4, pay attention to the purchase season. Furniture is not like clothing, accessories, weather conditions are more affected by the situation, such as online shopping bookcase (decoration renderings), may be due to weather reasons for the phenomenon of skin. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the season when buying wooden furniture and try to avoid buying in the rainy season. In addition, custom wooden furniture, preferably about 10 days in advance.

5, before buying furniture, you can go to the physical store to see if the product's price and model, home and online for comparison. At the same time, measure the dimensions in advance so as to avoid the size of the furniture and a large amount of costs incurred in returning the goods.

Buy furniture online need to pay attention to what you know, online shopping, although convenient, can not be taken lightly, want to learn more about the furniture, please pay attention to GO good home information channel.

In the old days, if you were hanging dry wall you'd have to drive 6,000 drywall nails a day to attach 3,000 square feet of drywall.

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A drywall screw gun is similar to a drill, but is designed just for driving screws into drywall (Source). 

How do they work?
The screw gun utilizes clutches, which when pressure is applied to the bit, engages these clutches. Once pressure is released, so too do the clutches. Most guns allow users to set the depth at which they want the screw to sink into the drywall (Source). 

When choosing a screw gun, users have two main choices: Corded and cordless. Many users swear by the corded drills because, although not as convenient, you don`t have to worry about running out of a charge halfway through a job. As with all screw guns, being able to quickly and easily alter the depth is important, so look for that feature as well (Source).

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