Talking about the Defects of China's Modified Plastics Industry

Although China's modified plastics have achieved amazing results and have higher levels in some aspects, there are still some shortcomings in the modified plastics industry. Compared with foreign developed countries, there is still a big gap. as follows:
First, there are many studies on the modification of general plastics such as PP, PE, PVC, etc., and the research and development of new materials and engineering plastics modification is not enough. This can be compared by the number of papers published in the academic conference.
Second, there are few studies on auxiliaries and additives used in plastic modification in China, and no sufficient attention has been paid to this. Up to now, the additives for plastic modification required for excellent performance in China are imported. Investigating the reasons, on the one hand, reluctant to invest in this area, on the other hand, the lack of technical talent. Technicians who are familiar with the performance of additives can not be combined with plastic processing because they are not familiar with plastic modification.
Third, scientific research results cannot be transformed into vitality in time. The emergence of any new technology or the advent of a new material has to withstand the multi-faceted test of application, which requires people to gradually understand and accept. In the current market economy, if new scientific research results can not bring obvious economic benefits to investors in the short term, even if it has characteristics, it will gain benefits in the future, and usually it will be left out.
Therefore, in order to promote the more rapid development of China's plastics industry, it is necessary to systematically learn and master the basic theories and basic skills of plastic modification in order to catch up with or exceed the world's advanced level of plastic modification technology.

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