7 Teach you how to maintain stainless steel water pipe

Many people will reflect that it was stainless steel pipes that they bought. How did they rust for years? Stainless steel water pipes do have their advantages. They are not so easily rusted, but not so easy to rust does not mean that they will not rust. If you do not maintain it in daily life, even stainless steel will easily rust, and today Xiao Bian gave you Talk about how to maintain stainless steel water pipes.

Stainless steel pipe maintenance methods are as follows:

First, in daily life, try to minimize the soy sauce, grease and other substances poured into the stainless steel pipe, because the two are prone to chemical reactions, may cause stainless steel pipes rust.

Second, before installing the stainless steel pipe, you can first apply a layer of vegetable oil to the surface of the pipe, and then slightly dry it with a slight fire. The purpose of doing so is to prolong the service life of the stainless steel water pipes, and it is also easier to clean.

Thirdly, if the outer surface of the stainless steel pipe has signs of rust, it is necessary to apply stainless steel wax specifically for rust removal to the rust at a time. After the wax is finished for a period of time, it can be polished and cleaned. After the wax is cleaned, the outer surface of the water pipe is renewed.

Fourth, in daily life, try not to use sharp objects to collide with stainless steel water pipes.

Fifth, when transporting stainless steel pipes, use water and pipe to wrap and secure them so as to avoid collisions between the pipes and the pipes or other sharp objects. This can easily cause dents on the surface of the pipes. This is not aesthetically pleasing.

Sixth, once the outer surface of the stainless steel pipe is scratched, you can use a dry towel dipped in a bit of stainless steel care agent, and then wipe the scratched place, wipe with a grinding wheel gently polished until scratches disappear.

Seventh, to restore the surface gloss of stainless steel pipes is a method: use a soft cloth stained with stainless steel detergent on the surface, the water pipe will immediately become bright and beautiful. However, this method cannot be used frequently. In common use, the original luster of the water pipe may be difficult to recover.

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