New car paint odor is very harmful, people need to be cautious

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At the end of the year, the auto market across the country has set off a buying boom; as many car companies are engaged in promotional activities during this time, many citizens choose to start a new car at this time. However, many people have recently reported that the new car smells great. If the time is long, there will be adverse reactions. Even some people may experience nausea, dizziness and vomiting when driving a new car for a long time. This may indicate that some harmful gases in your car may exceed the standard. .

The main sources of odour gas inside the car are:

1. Solvent-based paints, thinners and adhesives and coatings used in production. On the one hand, the use of solvent-based paints increases the contamination of volatile organic compounds in the car and in the atmosphere. On the other hand, due to the increase in automotive interiors, a large number of various adhesives and organic solvents, auxiliaries, and additives have been used. According to the survey, the adhesive used in a family car is currently more than 5 kg, and the maximum can reach 27 kg.

2, various accessories in the car. First, it is like a mount: car seat cushion, seat back, seat cover or seat fabric. The second is the inner jewelry: interior trim, floor, roof ornaments, curtains, etc. The third is the body material: insulation materials, sun visors, coverings of other items in the car.

Xiaobian shares with everyone how to remove odors:

1. Ventilation. New cars should always be ventilated and ventilated. During the parking and driving, the windows should be opened to allow the harmful gases in the car to slowly dissipate. It is best to strengthen ventilation during the first 6 months of driving a new car so that harmful substances in the air inside the car will evaporate as quickly as possible.

2, activated carbon. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively absorb various odors in the air. You can buy some activated carbon bags in all corners of the car. Of course, this irrational adsorption method can only be temporary, and can not completely eliminate and remove odor. And pay attention to the service life of the activated carbon and the correct use and release, after the adsorption is saturated, the sun is exposed to make the harmful gas volatilize, etc., to avoid secondary pollution.

3. Photocatalyst management. This is a relatively thorough method that is currently more effective and manageable. There are already many products for photocatalyst treatment in the market. And this method is more convenient. There are also many car maintenance centers in the market that specialize in photocatalyst management. Of course, with the gradual opening of the market, there are many products that counterfeit photocatalyst treatment in the market, so everyone should be cautious when purchasing.

Fruit management. Fruits such as orange peel, grapefruit peel, orange peel, pineapple skin, and lemon slices can all come in handy. The scent of these fruits can neutralize the odor in the new car, and the peel of these fruits also has the function of adsorbing odor, which makes the air inside the car fresh and fragrant. Note: These fruits should be regularly reviewed and replaced to avoid secondary contamination of mold and rot in the car.

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