ISGB detachable vertical pipe centrifugal pump range of use

ISGB type detached vertical pipe centrifugal pump has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, good safety, long life, etc., ISGB type detached vertical pipe centrifugal pump What are the use? With this Doubt, Xiaobian next to introduce the use of ISGB-type demolition vertical pipe centrifugal pump. ISGB type detached vertical pipe centrifugal pump range of use 1. High-rise building pressurized water supply 2. Factory system delivery 3. Water treatment system pressure 4. Central air conditioning hot and cold water circulation 5. Boiler system 6. Swimming pool water. Pressurization cycle in the process. ISGB above is the use of demolition of vertical pipe centrifugal pump range. In addition, the fire pipeline pressurization, ISGB removable demolition vertical pipeline centrifugal pump can also be used for HVAC hot and cold water circulation, long-distance water and the production process of circulating pressurized transmission. Extended reading: China Construction Water Exhibition water pump manufacturers rankings ptc exhibition motor top ten brands pump valve pipe fittings Show Information Industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) http: // mj / (Service Hotline:)

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