China's machine tool industry localization rate increased to 70%

Summary of China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president of Satisfying 12th revealed, as China's machine tool industry products, industrial restructuring efforts, CNC machine tools, high-end machine tools accounted significantly enhanced, continue to reduce the proportion of low-end products, currently The localization rate of the machine tool industry has been...

Wu Bolin, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, revealed on the 12th that with the enhancement of product and industrial structure adjustment of China's machine tool industry, the proportion of CNC machine tools and high-end machine tools has increased significantly, and the proportion of low-end products has continued to decrease. The industrial localization rate has increased to 70%.

Wu Bolin said at the 6th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition that China has become the world's largest consumer and first importer of machine tools for eight consecutive years. Affected by the financial crisis, the production of machine tools in Japan and Germany has fallen sharply. The Chinese machine tool industry has accelerated the pace of independent innovation and structural adjustment. In 2009, China became the world's largest machine tool producer for the first time. The industry's total industrial output value was 40.14 billion yuan, and the value of metal processing machine tools was 15.3 billion US dollars, up 7.6% year-on-year. Orders for machine tool companies have shown signs of rapid growth this year, and industry growth is expected to reach around 10% in 2010.

Wu Boer also said that the situation of China's machine tool industry is still not strong, and the product quality, technology and service are still far behind the international advanced level. At present, the high-end CNC machine tools required for China's economic construction mainly rely on imports, and the numerical control systems and functional components required for the development of medium and high-end CNC machine tools are mainly from overseas. China has the largest number of machine tool manufacturers in the world, but lacks the famous multinational machine tool group and world-class "fine, special, special" small giant enterprises. China exports a large number of "two high and one capital" products, and then imports high-end products made from these export products. "These all indicate that further accelerating industry and product structure adjustment and promoting industrial upgrading is the primary and urgent task of China's machine tool industry."

The China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition is held every two years. It is the “wind vane” and “barometer” for the development and change of China's CNC machine tool industry. It is the largest professional exhibition of CNC machine tools, cutting tools and ancillary products in China. The theme of this year's exhibition is “showing independent innovation achievements and promoting industrial revitalization and upgrading”. Most of the more than 700 exhibitors are domestic leading enterprises, and their exhibits reflect the highest technical level of the Chinese machine tool industry and the latest market demand trends.

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