"Internal and external troubles" forced the Chinese ceramic industry to "upgrade"

Abstract Some analysts said that in the domestic ceramics market, due to the serious homogenization of ceramic products and the high concentration of sales in major manufacturers, the market competition is fierce. In order to increase sales and occupy market share, many ceramic enterprises will not hesitate to reduce Price, small profits but quick turnover. From the entire ceramic...
In the domestic ceramics market, due to the serious homogenization of ceramic products and the high concentration of sales in major manufacturers, the market competition is fierce. In order to increase sales volume and occupy market share, many ceramic enterprises will not hesitate to lower prices and make small profits but quick turnover. From the perspective of the entire ceramics market, this year is still an internal and external problem. Not only is the overcapacity, but the added value of the products is too low, resulting in weak international competitiveness, and at the same time encountering a number of anti-dumping investigations. Faced with such a dilemma, where is the future of the ceramic industry?

Internal worry: meager overcapacity

With the continuous expansion of ceramic enterprises and the continuous expansion of production lines and the continuous expansion of production, it is causing a serious excess of production capacity and imbalance between supply and demand. The reality is that China is a big country in ceramic production, but it is not a strong country. Its products are mainly in the middle and low grades, with low added value and low selling prices in the international market. According to reports, a ceramic cup with a price of 0.7 US dollars, exported to the EU for about 3.5 US dollars, but domestic companies only profited 0.1 US dollars, the bulk of the head was taken away by foreign dealers, they removed the freight and other expenses of about 1.5 US dollars, actually obtained The profit of more than one US dollar is 10 times that of the Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

Zou Mingxiao, a researcher in the building materials industry of CIC, told the author that the profit of China's ceramic enterprises is meager, mainly due to high cost and relatively low sales price. One of the most important reasons for this is the fierce market competition. In addition, “the rise of upstream raw materials is also one of the reasons for the meager profits of ceramic companies,” said Xia Gaosheng, deputy secretary general of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association. In addition, due to the introduction of China's real estate regulation and control policies, the shrinking sales have also made the overcapacity problem faced by the ceramic industry more serious. Xia Gaosheng said that the macro-control of real estate has restricted the growth of market demand, making price competition fierce and raising prices more difficult.

External trouble: facing multiple anti-dumping

According to data released by the China Ceramic Industry Association, at present, China is the largest producer of daily-use ceramics, accounting for about 70% of world production. In addition, China's daily-use ceramics market share in the EU is close to 50%, is the EU's largest importer of daily-use ceramics. According to the statistics of the China Ceramic Industry Association, the cumulative amount of kitchen utensils exported to the EU last year exceeded US$700 million. The European Commission recently issued an "Notice on the EU's Anti-dumping Investigation into Chinese Ceramic Kitchen Tableware", which announced an anti-dumping investigation against ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils exported from China to the EU. In September 2011, the EU made an anti-dumping case against Chinese ceramic tiles. The final ruling imposes a punitive tariff of up to 69.7% and is valid for up to 5 years and may be extended as appropriate.

This is the anti-dumping case of the Chinese ceramics industry with the widest scope and the largest amount involved, involving an amount of up to 700 million US dollars, including more than 2,000 enterprises. In fact, this is not the first anti-dumping incident facing the ceramic industry. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee also issued a final ruling on the anti-dumping investigation of Chinese ceramic tableware products earlier this year, and proposed to impose an anti-dumping duty of 87% on the above products. This is the first overseas anti-dumping case encountered by China's ceramic industry this year. .

"The EU launched an anti-dumping investigation on China's ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils, which will reduce the number of ceramic exports and exports in China during the investigation." Zou Mingxiao said. But at the same time, the anti-dumping is also good for the long-term development of China's ceramic industry. "The current ceramic enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation, and the competitiveness of the international market is not strong." Insiders said.

Zou Mingxiao believes that this may promote the continuous improvement of management and operation of China's ceramic industry to a certain extent, and accelerate the improvement of product quality and market transparency. If there is no problem in China's ceramic industry after the EU investigation, it will make China's ceramic products and kitchen utensils gain great export benefits, which is conducive to the recovery of ceramics exports.

Experts said that in the future, China's ceramic industry must improve its technical level and improve its research and development capabilities, and continuously introduce diversified and personalized high-quality products to occupy the market with product quality. In addition, ceramic enterprises should explore emerging markets, avoid high concentration competition in the industry, and differentiate their competition in terms of products and channels, thereby enhancing market competitiveness and occupying a larger market.

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