Experts teach you rational choice of hardware accessories

Experts teach you rational choice of hardware accessories With the gradual emphasis on bathroom hardware fittings, the prices of related products in the market have also risen, and have even led to the misunderstanding of price and quality. Recently, the reporter visited the bathroom accessories industry market in China, and asked the bathroom accessories experts to look at the nature of the phenomenon for consumers, and talk about how to choose the bathroom hardware products with superior cost performance.

Rational consumption, the most important point of the experts pointed out that in the consumer's purchase behavior, the perceptually bound to occupy a certain position, especially female consumers are more likely to because of temporary activities, while ignoring the product quality, service, environmental protection and a series of internal factor. In fact, with the ever-increasing competition in the bathroom accessories industry, the constant transparency of product prices has also promoted the return of consumer rational consumption. The original plumbing and sanitary ware industry is a low-interested industry. Apart from the attention it has to pay attention to during the renovation, there are no other concepts for the plumbing and sanitary ware, and this is a concern once or twice a lifetime. However, with the intensified competition in plumbing and sanitary ware, the increase in promotional efforts, and the promotion of popular publicity such as CCTV in plumbing and sanitary ware, plumbing and bathroom sales promotion information frequently appear in the eyes of consumers, making information more symmetrical, and consumer spending behavior has become More and more cautious and more rational.

Therefore, when consumers purchase products, they must comprehensively consider the corresponding issues. What you buy is not a simple product. In fact, along with the product itself, you should also pay attention to the company's scale, service quality, and even the company's management of production processes. The input factor.

Gadgets, the university asked Next, experts explained in detail the purchase of the most common bathroom hardware in our lives.

First of all, the product structure and performance: high-quality bathroom hardware product structure is stable and strong, the hand shaking up and down will not appear loose, the product is reasonable and user-friendly design, easy to use;

Followed by the surface of the product: quality products will do surface treatment, the surface is generally bright chrome, in order to meet the individual requirements of consumer decoration, there are also some products surface imitation of patina, gold, surface outlet, smooth, no color, no Fall off, and pass the 24-hour acid salt spray test, reaching grade 10 or above (regular manufacturers have inspection reports of the quality supervision department);

Once again, it is the material and accessories of the product: High-quality products use copper as the main material, because copper never rusts, oxidizes, ensures long product life, and has high recycling value. Especially pay attention to the valve core of the product, the valve core of the faucet is quite the heart of the human body and controls the entire faucet switch. Ceramic valve cores are used in high-quality products on the market. Ceramic valves have good sealing performance. According to the quality of valve cores, they can generally be used for more than 30-50 million times. In particular, imported ceramic chips have more stable physical properties, long service life, and are generally normal. Used in more than 10 years. Low-grade products mostly use copper and rubber seals, which have a short service life but are inexpensive. When selecting a shower, it is necessary to pay attention to its functionality. There are single-function and three-function nozzles on the market, which can be purchased according to individual needs. The completeness of accessories is also a problem that cannot be ignored. The faucets produced by regular enterprises should be accompanied by corresponding accessories at the factory, mainly including water heaters, lifting rods and faucet fixing bolts, and fixed copper sheets and gaskets; bathtub faucets should also have showers, two water inlet hoses, brackets, etc. Standard accessories are indispensable. Some businesses remove the accessories and sell them separately. When purchasing, be sure to ask the merchant for the standard configuration of each product to avoid missing parts.

The last is the after-sales and price of the product. When purchasing a product, it is necessary to purchase a branded product. The products manufactured by regular manufacturers have laser markings, brand names on the packaging, and factory address telephones. And there are post-sale commitments from manufacturers or merchants. Quickly solve the after-sales problem. With the development of information today, we can obtain inexpensive and high-quality products through online price inquiries and the above-mentioned key physical stores.

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