Waxing and oil raising are important means of Shoushan Stone conservation

It is harder than jade and softer than stone. Shoushan Stone is known as one of the four national stones because of its moisturizing and lustrous qualities. In recent years, prices have also risen. On the morning of July 13, at the Shengtiandi Commercial Center in the ASEAN Business District of Nanning, the newly-listed Shoushan Stone Cultural Exchange Center attracted many collectors and stone lovers because of its many collections. Mr. Feng, who is pregnant with baby, came to Jianbao. Although the carving was very fine, due to the perennial storage, he did not pay attention to maintenance, and some cracks appeared, and the price fell badly.

According to reports, there are more than 200 kinds of Shoushan Stone, because most of them have cracks and cracks. If they are not well-supported, they will be dry and vulnerable for a long time. Therefore, since ancient times, they have used oil to protect the wind of Shoushan Stone. Experts remind that, in general, the finished Shoushan stone after engraving and processing is suitable for display indoors. If the stone watch is contaminated by ash or dirt, it can be restored by gently rubbing with a soft soft cloth, and Shoushan Stone Hardness is relatively low, should not be scraped with metal sheets or other hard objects, and even do not use nail scraping, otherwise it will destroy the smooth and bright surface.

If it is a seal and a small decoration, it is best to take it in your hand, so that you can attach a very thin hand oil to the stone surface. For a long time, the stone will be ancient, if it is usually placed in the brocade. Among the boxes, it is best to wipe a thin layer of olive oil or white tea oil to make the stone surface absorb oil and become more clear and clean.

Waxing and oil raising are an important means of Shoushan Stone conservation. However, not all Shoushan Stones are oil-raised. Different types of Shoushan Stone have different maintenance methods. In general, the pit stone, often Capricorn can play to raise the stone, but not too much oil; and the puddle stone, as long as the sand is carefully polished, do not have to rub the oil from time to time, you can keep crystal. (Panden)

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