Smart toilet is not good smart toilet prices

In recent years, smart toilets have become popular because of their versatility. So good smart toilet does not work well? It's expensive right? Then Xiaobian to introduce smart toilet is good and its price.

One, smart toilet is not good

1, the advantages of smart toilet

a. Wash more sanitary

The flushing function of the intelligent toilet subdivides the flushing force, angle, temperature and other flushing modes to meet people's different flushing needs. The intelligent toilet is cleaned and dried with warm water and warm air, and can also stimulate capillaries and promote blood. cycle.

b. Warm seats are not cold

When the cold season comes, we usually place a toilet mat on the seat of the toilet seat. The toilet seat also needs frequent changing, and the seat of the smart toilet can be automatically heated. There are different temperature profiles , and people can adjust according to their own needs.

c, self-cleaning, deodorization, power saving

The smart toilet uses stainless steel nozzles. The photocatalyst or activated carbon is built into the seat cover to not only automatically remove dirt but also eliminate odors. Smart toilet will automatically pre-heat the water temperature and toilet seat according to the user's daily habits, and automatically stop heating after use.

2, the shortcomings of smart toilet

a, cover does not apply to all toilets

The smart toilet cover is mainly oriented to a circular-arc-type toilet and has limitations on the distance from the water tank to the front end of the toilet seat and the distance between the installation holes, and is not suitable for all toilets.

b. Maintenance costs

There was a problem with the smart toilet beyond the warranty period, and if the consumer needed to replace the accessories, it was a small fee.

c. The elderly and children are difficult to operate

Smart toilets are often equipped with a large number of operation panels, which increases the difficulty of the operation for the elderly and children. If the operation is incorrect, the circuit itself may also malfunction.

Second, the price of smart toilet

TOTO smart toilet one electronic toilet Zhijie ceramic household heating toilet price is about 5,500 yuan.

Nine animal husbandry remote automatic flushing drying toilet electric integrated smart toilet 305 pit distance is about 3,500 yuan.

Kohler toilet smart toilet seat set Ai Li children 4.2L five cyclone Siamese toilet toilet 300mm pit distance is about 7,000 yuan.

Faenza smart toilet toilet without water tank that is hot multi-function smart toilet price is about 4,000 yuan.

Wrigley smart toilet without toilet tank home integrated automatic drying toilet price is about 5,000 yuan.

Huida bathroom home silent water-saving mute toilet electric smart toilet cover combination price is about 2500 yuan.

Xiao Bian concludes: Regarding the quality of the smart toilet and its small size, we introduce it here. We hope that after reading this article, we can provide you with reference and help.

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